Saturday, October 3, 2009

Belt Free Week Challenge Roundup

Rand's Challenge Assessment: (this convo took place on Thursday night). I'm doing a week without belts. Fist pump from Rand. "I'm glad you finally listened to me." About what? "About belts making you look like a barrel." stunned slience from me "You know, because the belt makes a horizontal band around your middle just like the bands on a barrel." uh.... "And you know how horizontal stripes are bad.." Wait, are you saying that belts make me look fat?? "uh..." I think we should end this conversation before you make me self concious about belt, which I love and I think look really good on me. "Okay."

So as you can see, Rand really approved of this challenge. LOL

belt free week

(click to enlarge)

Now here are my assessments:
  • I tucked my shirts into my skirts, which I don't normally do
  • i selected layering items that buttoned at the waist or in some other way cinched in my waist
  • not wearing belts can be a lot more comfortable
  • I missed my belts, but maybe I can cut down on them some


Jules said...

I've always been impressed with the attention to detail in your wardrobe, so I'm not surprised that you looked great in your belt free week. While I don't think the belt makes you look like a barrel, perhaps mixing it up a little would be a good thing.

The Thrifty Stylist said...

i think you rock belts just great, so don't feel self-conscious! i really love the vest on you in the last outfit though... so flattering... i need a piece like that!

100togo said...

You have really been inspiring me to wear belts, after not wearing them for years. I think they look great on you, and am starting to like them on me!

Kari said...

Oh dear, sometimes men just say the wrong thing...

My dad once made a comment about my mom's "big black swimsuit", which caused her to never wear it again!

I actually admire how well you wear belts, and I wish I could wear them with as much ease and style as you do, but love how you've mixed it up this week. Thursday is my favorite!

Kristen said...

Oh, boys. Sometimes it's better not to ask them stuff about clothes. I have to pick and choose with my husband, who has great fashion sense of his own.

I hadn't noticed your devotion to belts until you mentioned it, but this week looks very nice on you. Don't be afraid to shake it up again sometime!

Jess said...

I think belts make you look decidedly un-barrel like! You look both ways though so now you just have increased your wardrobe options!

Men are ridiculous sometimes.

Kaylyn said...

Leave it to the men we love to make us feel weird about something we have a great love of ha ha You look great with or without belts. I especially love the first and last outfits this week!

What a Splurge said...

Love the plaid blouse with the skirt - very flattering. Looks like an outfit I would wear!

magnolia said...

I like them all except for the middle one. The vest is the best. I may have to borrow it along with a few skirts. He he. I'm trying to find a red leather belt like yours that has the two buckles. Any suggestions?

Tina said...

Jules - thanks. I think I am going to try.

Thrifty - I love that vest too. It's making me sad that it's getting too big on me. I'm searching for a new vest.

100togo - good for you! I never used to wear belts either. Sometimes it's just a function of getting used to something different.

Kari - aww that's too bad about your mom's swimsuit. I can totally relate to that feeling. Although Rand is really sweet and thinks I look great usually, so I try not to take it too hard. And Thursday is my favorite too!

Kristin - thanks! A husband with fashion sense, that's great! I wish Rand had great fashion sense, but I will say that he really listens to me and tries to look nice. And of couse, I always think he looks good.

Jess - Yes they are ridiciulous, but we love them so.

Kaylyn - thanks! I love hearing people pick their favorites. It's great feedback.

What a Splurge - thanks!

Shawnee - Leave it to a good friend to tell you what she doesn't like. LOL. I think the vest would be too big for you or I would totally loan it to you along with the curtain skirt. My two buckle belt is from a cheap trendy store called Dots. I haven't seen a red belt like you are describing anywhere. But I generally find trendy thing like that at the really inexpensive stores like Dots or Rainbow. I'll keep my eye out for you.