Monday, November 30, 2009

A Tour of My Closet

The hardest part about moving in a couple of weeks is that I'm going to be leaving behind my closet. It is very unusual for houses this old (1920) to have decent closets. In fact, this closet is really an old sun room. My new house is even older (1916) and I don't have the option of converting some room into a closet. So I am sad. Everything else about this new house has me really excited, but not this.

So I give you an homage to my old closet:

It looks like the screen grab is showing my favorite part - shoes! But there on top of the light is my old highschool graduation hat.

Now show me your closet!


Jess said...

Um, I think I want to move in now that you are moving out. LOL I need that closet like whoa. I really want to rent an actual house in our area, but moving is such a whip. You are the second local fashiony gal I know who is moving from a cute vintage home to another.

Our apartment is a converted house from the 30s/40s I think (maybe earlier, hard to tell now) that was turned into an 8-plex. We have decent closets but not least they go all the way up to the high ceilings so I can stack stuff on the top shelves. I need to organize my closet better so I can maximize the space I DO have.

Sabrina said...

Just for that closet alone I wouldn't want to move. I love it.

hillary said...

loves it. I am SO NOSY.
I think your closet is bigger than my bedroom. My entire apt is 300 sq ft. I personally don't have a closet the husband got that. My stuff lives in an ikea cupboard and on a industrial metal shelving thing. It is a NIGHTMARE

Tina said...

Jess - Seriously, I love this house and esp this closet. If our upstairs neighbors (duplex) didn't keep such different sleeping hours than we do, I don't think we would be moving. But if you want to check it out, it will be back on the market soon. It's leased through Signature Leasing and is on Llano Ave.

Sabrina - agreed. It makes me want to cry. Hopefully it will be worth it.

hillary - you made me a little curious, so I did the math. I think the closet is about 6 feet by about 15 feet, so 90 square feet. It's huge. I lived in a little house in Austin that was only about 300 square feet. It was fun, but now I own too much stuff. I would love a video tour of your house, just to see how you work 300 square feet!

Kimberly said...

Love that you shared this!! Dave has a lot of clothes (for a guy) so he had the small walk-in closet in our master. I have the closets in guest room and den, plus we are slowly converting half of the den into a closet. Someday soon it will be more like a dressing room with a couch and TV in it than a den!

Goober said...

Best use of a sun room EVER. And, oh, the shelves of shoes - how freaking fabulous!

Rachael said...

Flippin heck! No wonder you're sad :(

Heidi said...

Oh, i am so jealous! I love it!! Thanks for the tour i love stuff like that.

But i noticed something, and i have to ask - you hang your hangers "backwards" I've never seen that before. Is there a reason? Is that normal? Am i living in my own method of hanging world!?

Sher said...

I'm paying homage to your closet too. Would you mind me linking to this in a future post? My stuff is everywhere and yours is so organized. You're inspiring me to get my act together and get organized LOL!

Good luck on your move!

Kelly said...

That is SUCH an amazing closet. It's like a candy shop!

strivingbelle said...

Awesome closet that sure is a lot of stuff. Good luck on the move!

Milly said...

Great Closet!! hubby is turning a small spare room into a closet for me can't wait!...we have 2 closets in our master bedroom he uses one and its enough for him but not me lol

cant wait to see your new closet