Monday, November 30, 2009

Repost: A Tour of My Closet

The hardest part about moving in a couple of weeks is that I'm going to be leaving behind my closet. It is very unusual for houses this old (1920) to have decent closets. In fact, this closet is really an old sun room. My new house is even older (1916) and I don't have the option of converting some room into a closet. So I am sad. Everything else about this new house has me really excited, but not this.

So I give you an homage to my old closet:

It looks like the screen grab is showing my favorite part - shoes! But there on top of the light is my old highschool graduation hat.

Now show me your closet!


Sher said...

I'm paying homage to your closet too. Would you mind me linking to this in a future post? My stuff is everywhere and yours is so organized. You're inspiring me to get my act together and get organized LOL!

Good luck on your move!

Kelly said...

That is SUCH an amazing closet. It's like a candy shop!

strivingbelle said...

Awesome closet that sure is a lot of stuff. Good luck on the move!

Jess said...

Wow- that is a great closet, and your organization is to be marveled at! I hope to have a good shoe system like that soon.

Fell 4 Fashion said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I am in love with your closet!! Can I feature it on my blog???? :)

Totally Inspired said...

this is soo funny.. i had been wondering what some of my fellow fashion bloggers' closets look like... nice tour. and great closet. have you shown us what the new closet looks like?