Saturday, November 21, 2009

Traveling Scarf!

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "It's so nice to see you in heels again." Agreed. I can't wait for my ankle to heel. I gave in and wore boots today b/c I just couldn't take it anymore. I didn't put them on until I got the office, to minimize the amount of walking I did in them. It was still a bad idea. Back to flats for me. :(

Kimberly's fabulous Traveling Scarf #1 made it's way to Texas this week. As soon as I got it, I knew I had to wear it the next day. As a couple of people have mentioned previously, the colors in the scarf are much more subtle and subdued than you expect. Once I saw the dove grey in the paisley pattern, I immediately thought of this grey jacket that I recently picked up from Goodwill. Plus I wanted to wear the scarf in a way that it had not been worn yet, so I tried a bib-style worn under the jacket lapels (I don't think anyone has done that yet). And it all just came together from there.

What I Wore With The Traveling Scarf:

2009-11-19 combo

  • scarf (loan from Kimberly)
  • grey jacket (Lane Bryant via Goodwill)
  • hunter green dress (Target)
  • grey striped tights (Lane Bryant)
  • grey suede boots (Lane Bryant)
  • red patent belt (Target)
  • red earrings (vintage, borrowed from Maria)
  • green ring (Etsy Dallas fair)

Thanks again for letting me participate. It was so much fun!


Lesa said...

What a cute way to wear the scarf. I also love the color of your boots.Pretty outfit!

laniza said...

I love how you focused on the gray in the scarf. Awesome job!

Sher said...

Love the new way you styled this scarf. That ring looks like peas in a pod. A good thing, peas are good for you ;)

Brooke said...

Love the gray and red together! And the boots are awesome. Hope you recover and are back to heels soon!

Jessie said...

God I love those boots! said...

scarves have always been my passion and reading about them is my hobby....enjoyed your post and looking forward to more!

Anonymous said...

I've been searching for boots JUST LIKE THAT forever! Lane Bryants site doesn't seem to have boots...are they old? Do they not carry them anymore? HELP! I'm having a crapper of a time finding some cute wide calf boots in that style.

strivingbelle said...

cute you always get the best thrift finds. Love the outfit and how you incorporated the scarf!

Tina said...

Lesa - thanks! I am really excited about these boots too. For years and years I have struggled to even find basic black boots that fit, let alons something in color. I might ahve done a little dance in the store when I found out these fit my calves.

lanzia - thanks!

Sher - I agree. Definitely peas in a pod!

Brooke - Thanks! me too! I miss heels.

LadiesSilkScarf - I've become a pretty bog scarf fan too. They add such style to outfits.

C Lo - I got them at a Lane Bryant outlet store in Houston, so maybe there are from last season?

strivingbelle - awww. thanks!