Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today's Post Brought To You By The Fog

It was really foggy this morning when I took my photos. I should have taken them inside, as a result, but we've started packing for our move, so there is not a clear space right now anywhere. Plus I thought the photos with all the fog spots were kinda fun. Also, today was another "real lawyer" suit day.

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "You look like you're getting your picture taken to go on a firm website." Just so you know, big law firms post pictures of all their attorneys. On photo day, all the attys wear black suits and are really polished. No risky or fun outfits on those days!

What I Wore as a Foggy Lawyer:

2009-11-23 combo

  • black suit (Lanr Bryant)
  • pruple striped shirt (Gap)
  • black flats (Simply Vera via Kohls)
  • faux pearls (thrift??)
  • purple brooch (Etsy)
What I Ate:

Rand and I just scrounged around for food last night, no real dinner, so no pics.


Sabrina said...

Love the picture!!! Aren't the shoes comfy?? I just picked up the same pair, but in grey at a Thrift store (brand new). They are now my new go to dress up shoes for work.

Sheila said...

That's a great suit on you, Tina! Good luck with the move!

Goober said...

What a fabulous suit - you look great. Very lawyer-y :)

Lesa said...

OOOOHHHHH I want the brooch, and pearls are always my favorite!

Tina said...

Sabrina - Awesome find! I would love to have a pair of these in grey. They are def very comfortable.

Sheila - thanks! I am really excited about the new place.

Heather - thanks! I was thinking of you as I made this post. I thought "At least Heather will appreciate the suit. ha!"

Lesa - thanks! I am big fan of pearls too. Pearls add a touch of class, so you can never go wrong.