Friday, November 13, 2009

Victorian Inspired

A coworker recently turned me onto Greek. They have all of the episodes on Hulu, so I'm in hte middle of the first season. So far I really like it. I didn't rush in college, so I keep asking my coworker (who did) how realistic it is. With a few exceptions, she says it's spot on. So I find it fascinating.

What I Wore While Watching Greek:

2009-11-10 combo

  • black cotton dress (Gap)
  • sheer blouse (Newport News)
  • black flats (Simply Vera via Kohls)
  • studded belt (Goodwill)
  • fly brooch and oval brooch (Goodwill)
  • circle flower brooch (from Grandma)
  • cameo earrings (vintage shop in Austin)

What I Ate While Cleaning Out Leftovers from the Fridge:

2009-11-10 food

  • breakfast: cheesy egg, alternative bagel, 1/2 apple
  • lunch: wilted spinach, pork, carrots, cheese stick
  • snack: yogurt
  • dinner: homemade veggie pizza


20 pushups. Sheila inspired me and now it's my turn. Two other women at work have also started doing pushups at work. Yay!

Total for the Day: 20 pushups, 28 points


Kelly said...

I love all your pins groups together like that

K said...

ummm....can you please make me some of that delicious looking veggie pizza?? Veggie pizza is my fave and yours seriously looks so good! My mouth is watering!

Also, I love you LBD. It's so perfectly chic it can be paired with anything!

Deborah-lee said...

Those pins are wonderful. Who would have ever thought I'd be jealous of someone's fly pin...... but I am!! Should you ever want to part with it .. please let me know!!

Tina said...

Kelly - thanks! I just started doing that this year after seeing someone else do it. It's such a great way to wear smaller pins that get lost on a big sweater, etc.

K - seriously this pizza is SO good and SO healthy. I posted the link in the blog post. We use Boboli instead of making the crust, and we add a little bit of fat free feta and some fresh basil. And it is divine!!

Deborah-lee - hehe! I have a fly ring too. Teh sound so creepy but they aren't!

MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

I just found this blog...I love it!

I love the fashion aspect too it.

Besh Wishes!