Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's Your Sign?

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "That's a pencil skirt, right?" He's trying to learn all the fashion appropriate terms. Isn't he sweet? "I don't think I've seen any of those clothes before." Nope. The shirt is out of my I'm Too Fat Closet, but clearly I'm not too fat. And the skirt is new. "Well, you look niiiiiiiice." I think he was flirting with me. LOL.

A word about this skirt. I love it and I hate it. It's a gorgeous purple tweed, it's fully lined, and it was only $30 at Target. Plus it fits me perfectly. But, with every step I took, it shifted about 1/2 inch counterclockwise. Seriously, my skirt ran laps around my body all day long. And the lining got really static-clingy. Sigh.

What I Wore While My Skirt Exercised:

2009-11-24 combo

  • purple tweed skirt (Target)
  • red tank (CAbi via Goodwill)
  • plaid wrap blouse (The Limited)
  • flats (Franco Sarto)
  • necklace (key from antique store)
  • earrings (inherited from Grandmother)

What I Ate That is Hidden:

I met a friend at the Zodiac Room in the original Neiman Marcus. It's just not an appropriate place to take pics of your food. And then I forgot at dinner. I think we'll just pic up food photos again after Thanskgiving.

BTW - Neiman Marcus is fully decorated for Christmas and it is gorgeous. Their ornaments for sale this year are ridiculous. Not only in price (that's to be expected at NM), but they are also just so weird.


Lisa said...

I have had great luck with Target lately- I found the perfect pants for my body on their clearance rack and then last weekend for a denim pencil skirt on clearance as well. Usually Target stuff is too short, but these are both perfect.

*Danielle* said...

You look really gorgeous!

Brooke said...

I love, love this outfit! It gives you that great hourglass shape, and I love the warm colors.

I tend to have the same trouble with pencil skirts - I spend all day yanking them back into place. There's just nothing like looking down and realizing you have a pocket right over your crotch - nerdtastic!

Becky said...

You look so great in this outfit! The colors and silhouette are just perfect on you :)

Sheila said...

I love that blouse and skirt - you look gorgeous! Do you think you'd fit into the orange skirt yet?

I adore weird Christmas ornaments - I used to work in a year-round Christmas store.

THe other Tina said...

I have this skirt as well..I noticed that I have had that issue with some of my Target pencil skirts.

Anonymous said...

Yay on clothes from the too small closet!!! I love these colors on you Tina! My skirt was driving me nuts yesterday as well... it was bunching and shifting too!

Tina said...

Lisa - That's great! I've mostly been avoiding Target lately since I'm not allowed to buy any more clothes. LOL.

Danielle - thanks!

Brooke - you totally made me laugh. Yes, I get to be nerdtastic a lot it seems. ha!

Becky - thanks!

Sheila - sadly, there is no way I am ready for the orange skirt yet. It's going to be a few months, I think. If you get sick of holding on to it, I understand.

The Other Tina - Of COURSE you have this skirt too. I'm really starting to think we are the same person and I am really just leaving comments for myself. LOL

fromsneakerstostilettos - It's always such a good feeling to pull stuff out of that closet. I wish I didn't have to put stuff in there to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Most of my skirts won't stay in place during the days - can be pretty annoying to say the least ;)

Beautiful colors on you!