Saturday, December 19, 2009

2009 Xmas #1

Well we had our first Christmas celebration of the year - at my maternal parents house. If youhad any doubts about me living in Texas, check the indian blanket and longhorn skull on the wall over the fireplace. And that tree may look average size, but it's over 8 feet tall. Our living room is HUGE.

It's pretty casual at the ranch, but I wanted to look a little nice for Christmas dinner with my family. I didn't take any outfit photos, but we did a family photo. Yes, that's Rand's hand on my waist. It's a nice accessory, don't you think?

What I Wore For First Christmas:

2009-12-19 combo

  • jeans (Old Navy)
  • pink lace trim cami (via Goodwill)
  • floral cardi (Target)
  • black flats (Simply Vera via Kohls)
  • pink bead earrings (Xmas gift from last year)
  • pink bead bracelet (no clue)


ShopKim said...

This cami and cardi look beautiful together and it looks great on you! Love this look.

Dr. Da said...

That cardigan is GORGEOUS!

Sheila said...

Wow, a real Texas Christmas tree! I love the skull.

Heh, the husband's hand is the best accessory of all. :)

Brooke said...



I love this outfit - simple and pretty!

Tina said...

ShopKim - thanks! Rand told after we got to my parents' house that my cami was see through. Oops.

Dr. Da - thanks! I got it at Target. I love it, but I had to safety pin it in order to get it to stay closed.

Sheila - The skull is actually one of my parents' cows that is no longer with us. Well I guess technically she is still with us, since she's hanging on the wall.

Brooke - seriously, I'm just a fashion leader, soon EVERYONE will be wearing disembodied waist hands!! It will be THE fashion accessory of 2010. Just wait. You'll see. :)