Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's Good To Take Advice

Today I wore my black Gap dress again. I took laniza's advice and paired it with cream. Sparkley cream, in fact. Whooo hoooo!!!

What I Wore While Following Advice:

2009-12-03 combo

  • black T-shirt dress (Gap)
  • cream sweater (Ann Taylor)
  • black tights (Lane Bryant)
  • black satin flats (via Kohls)
  • black lace earrings (made for me by Maria)
  • black necklace (from my sister's wedding)
  • beaded belt (local thrift store)

Exercise: 20 pushups

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laniza said...
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laniza said...

What a cute combination! Look, ma, my suggestion is famous :)!

P.S. How comfortable are your black flats? I'm trying to find some comfy black and/or red flats for work.

Anonymous said...

I love how the cream still shows the black through it! You look great Tina!

Aradia said...

Cute outfit! ooh, and those earings are so darling!

Sheila said...

Very cute - I love the layering.

I'm so thrilled to see you're keeping up with your pushups! Are you starting to notice a difference?

Anonymous said...

A great outfit, I'm loving the flats and earrings!

Brooke said...

Cute! You look totally holiday-party appropriate, what with the sparkles and all. :)

Tina said...

lanzia - you are definitely famous now. LOL. Thanks for the suggestion. I felt pretty, and cozy all day long.

fromsneakerstostilettos - Thanks! I was a little worried about the short sleeves looking weird under the sheer sweater, but I don't think it was too bad.

Aradia - thanks!

Sheila - I don't think I have been consistent enough to notice much of a difference in the pushups. It seems like I only remember to do them about 3 days/week.

Autumn Rose - thanks! I love these flats too. I just noticed when I took these pics that the satin is strating to fray at the heels, so I guess I they won't be with me much longer. And that makes me sad.

Brooke - now I just need an office party to wear them too!