Friday, December 4, 2009

Clothing Retrospective: Curtain Skirt

Today I am traveling to New York. I'm taking Rand there to meet one of my best friends, Magnolia. That's who I gave my grey "curtain skirt" to, so I thought I would honor this trip with a retrospective of how I wore the curtain skirt before giving it away.

Which curtain skirt outfit do you think is the best?

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The Bargainista said...

love the very first option, really shows off your slim waist! This skirt is stunning!!!

Lesa said...

Don't give this skirt away, it is beautiful!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, I generally have no fashion sense, but I actually picked the most popular combo, the first one!

They all look great, but the first outfit just really stood out to me. You look so stylish! It's so generous of you to give that skirt to someone when it looks so good on you. What a good friend you must be!

Tina said...

Well it looks like the votes pretty much reflect my own thoughts. I like the floral cardi one best too. I almost got this skirt back from Magnolia when I was in DC b/c she hasn't worn it yet, but I decided to give her a little more time. Really it's too big for me now anyway, but man I love it!

Barganista - thanks!

Lesa - yeah it is beautiful. Sadly, it's already been given away.

Crabby - thanks! I wish I had a little less fashion sense and a little more fitness sense like you. You always impress me. And make me laugh. :)