Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Monday

Comfortable and casual. Not too much more to say. I know there has been a lack of food and exercise topics lately. I'm sad to say, I've given up. Sheesh. But just for a few more days. We are going to the grocery store tomorrow. Promise. Trust me, I've noticed how puffy my face is in pics lately, and I am not going to settle for that for long.

What I Wore While Temporarily Giving Up:

2009-12-28 combo

  • vintage dress (handmade vie Goodwill)
  • long tan cardi (Lane Bryant via Goodwill)
  • brown boots (Cloudwalkers via Avenue)
  • champagne faux pearl necklace (local charity shop)
  • champagne faux pearl earrings (Goodwill)


The other Tina said...

I love your outfit!
*sigh* I know how you is hard to stay motivated, esp. this time of the year. But you have made such great progress, don't give up !!

Sheila said...

This is a beautiful outfit on you! Wow, so pretty.

I hear ya, hon. It's been a bad month for me. I've been stuffing my face with bad stuff, drinking too much on "school nights", not doing my long walks. *sigh* I am so glad you are getting back on track...thank you for inspiring me!

Tina said...

sorry I am so far behind on my replies.

The Other Tina - You are right. Sadly, I did give up and I ended up gaining 8 pounds. sigh.

Sheila - Thank you for always inspiring ME.