Monday, January 18, 2010

CopyCat on MLK Day

So this is the inspiration for my outfit. Although, can you really call it inspiration if you are actually just copying the look with items from your own wardrobe as opposed to coming up with something new based on the vibe of it? I think not, so I correct myself.

This is the outfit I am copying. I don't know where it is from, which is too bad b/c I can't give photo credit. I'm pretty sure it's from a cataloge, and I think I stole the pic from someone else's blog a few months ago. I do that sometimes - just snag a photo and stick it in my "you should try this look" folder. But generally, I like to give credit where credit is due, so if you recognize this, please let me know.

EDITED TO ADD: Kimberly let me know that it's from Ruche's Winter Lookbook. Click the photo to link to their site.

BTW, this is the same black dress from my Black Dress Challenge. And this outfit was insanely comfortable. Plus Rand really liked it, which always makes me feel even prettier.

Anyway, we had MLK day off, so Rand and I went to visit his fam and to take his mom out for a birthday lunch. It's always nice to see them. But I did get my butt kicked at Scrabble. Oh well. I wouldn't have minded, but Rand won. And he loves to win, which just makes it all the more annoying. haha

What I Wore While Getting Stuck With the Q:

2010-01-18 combo

  • black T-shirt dress (Old Navy)
  • camel cardi (Lane Bryant via Goodwill)
  • black pashmina (via Ross)
  • argyle socks (Target)
  • brown suede boots (via swap)
What I Ate In a Small-Town Diner:

2010-01-18 food

  • breakfast: alternative bagel sandwich, navel orange
  • lunch: french dip sandwich, chips, sugar-free cherry pie
  • dinner: chicken and snowpeas chinese delivery


Sheila said...

So cute! I have been doing that socks above the boots thing lately and love the little bit of fun peeking out.

evanadine said...

i finally scored a pair of slouchy black faux suede boots that actually fit over my gigantic calves (and hopefully the bday faerie will be bringing me a matching brown pair soon!) and i can wait to try the socks-peeking-out look.
now i just need to get me some knee-high or thigh-high socks that fit and will stay up!

Work With What You've Got said...

"Plus Rand really liked it, which always makes me feel even prettier."

So true. I feel so pretty when Nathan loves a look!~

I also love it. It's so cozy looking but so dressy!

Kimberly said...

Just came across your inspiration look on the Shop Ruche website! You did a great job putting your spin on it!

Kari said...

Arrrgh, I hate getting stuck with the Q, particularly when you have no U's on hand. Have you ever tried playing Bananagrams? It's kind of like free-form speed Scrabble without points, and my family just loves to play it.

Your black dress is lovely! I like the drape of the cowl neck

P.S. I wanted to let you know that you've received a Beautiful Blogger Award - you can claim it here !

Stephanie said...

Oh, that is how you wear those super cute socks I see everywhere. I am a fashion idiot, as you know, but love those socks. I kept wanting to ask a salesperson if I, a thirty something gal, could wear them and how. Thanks for showing me! Love the outfit. May copy it myself!

Ally said...

Those boots are fabulous. I need more boots but my calves are so big. Ugh.

Tina said...

Sheila - I agree. I love socks and normally no one gets to see them, but with this trend it's a sock fashion show!

evandine - I have the same problem with knee socks not fitting my giant calves. I actually found a bunch at target that fit great.

Erin - exactly. I know we don't dress specifically for the men in our lives, but it's such a nice bonus when they like it.

Kimberly - thanks! I'll update the post to reflect that.

Kari - someone was just telling me about Bananagrams the other day, but I haven't played it yet. It sounds fun. The cowl neck is actually a big fake. I used a pashmina to simulate one since the dress doesn't have a cowl neck.

Roonie - you should totally copy it. It's insanely comfortable and with flat boots on you could still chase the kiddos around.

Ally - I have the same issue with boots. Have you tried Avenue? Their Cloudwalker brand actually fits my calves when no other wide or extra wide boots ever do. And I recently found one pair of Lane Bryant boots that fit too. And I have 18.5 inch calves if that helps you assess if they would fit you too. Good luck!