Monday, January 11, 2010

Plumber, Plumber, Who's Got a Plumber?

Our pipes froze and broke Saturday night, so Sunday was spent dealing with that. We had the faucets dripping and the outside faucets wrapped, but these old houses (we live in an historic house) are not built for cold weather and out attempts to thwart the weather were not enough. So after getting everything fixed, we opened up all the taps a little farther, but even so, it wasn't enough, b/c when we went to work Monday morning, the pipes were frozen. Not broken, but frozen. Sigh. Nothing like having the plumber out two days in a row.

What I Wore While The Plumber Came Out AGAIN:

2010-01-11 combo

  • purple dress (Old Navy)
  • purple harlequin tights (Lane Bryant)
  • grey jacket (Lane Bryant via Goodwill)
  • grey patent pumps (Steve Madden)
  • polka dot scarf, worn as a belt (b-day gift)
  • paper bead necklace (borrowed from future sis-in-law)
  • teal bangle (Lane Bryant)
  • red/teal earrings (street vendor in Austin)
What I Ate When Rand Requested Chinese:

2010-01-11 food

  • breakfast: blueberry & cream oatmeal, apple
  • lunch: Buddig sandwich, 2 carrots, string cheese, Progresso lite soupm grapes
  • snack: 3 cuties, Z bar
  • dinner: delivery chinese (not fried!! I asked for brown rice but they didn't have it. Maybe next time I'll make my own.)

What I Wore While Finishing My Audio Book:

2010-01-11 exercise

Walking on treadmill - 30 minutes

Total for the Day: 45 points, 3 glasses water, 30 minutes exercise


evanadine said...

tina, you have single-handedly gotten me addicted to clif bars and z-bars! i had never heard of them before your blog, but once i saw them there, then in the store, i tried one and MMmmm!!
i am about to pop open an oatmeal raisin walnut one right now...

BBM said...

You my dear, are super adorable! I love the belt/scarf!

Tina said...

evandine - the Z bars are awesome, aren't they?!

BBM - thanks! I was so happy to finally find a way to wear this scarf that I got as a gift.