Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cutie Murder

I don't know what everyone else's work situation is, but I sit at a computer for 8-10 hours straight. I eat breakfast, lunch, and my afternoon snack at my desk. Basically, I get up to go to the bathroom and that's it. There are no offices to wander around to, no water cooler to gab around. It's boring. Usually, we can sit around and talk while we work, or check the internet for news, but at this new job (which is over soon - yay!) we aren't allowed to talk above a whisper, we can't use our phones, and there is no internet access. So what do a bunch of lawyers stuffed in a room do? We create Law & Order: Produce Division, where the first murder victim was a cutie that got shanked with part of a key that we flattened on the train tracks out back. ha!

What I Wore While Stabbing a Cutie:

2010-03-19 combo

  • jeans (Curvy by Gap)
  • striped T (Gap)
  • grey jacket (Lane Bryant via Goodwill)
  • red heels
  • asian print scard (gift)
  • red bead necklace (via Goodwill)
  • silver tone/rhinestone earrings (via swap)
  • owl brooch (via Goodwill)


EvaNadine said...

i love the scarf-as-belt mixed with the stripes on the shirt, and the owl brooch is tots adorable!

gina said...

I love the red necklace and shoes!

Anonymous said...

"Produce Division" LOL!! Cute jacket...Goodwill..awesome!

Sheila said...

Okay, that is hilarious! You're so funny.

I love this casual outfit - the pops of red are fab!

Anonymous said...

I love the belt and those jeans are really slimming!

Don't you hate offices that don't let you talk to your co-workers?

Work With What You've Got said...

"there is no internet access"


But this is a great outfit!~

Kasmira said...

You KNOW I love that owl brooch! I also love that you can see your camera's reflection in it.

rskmom said...

You are a much better woman than I to work under those conditions! Stay strong.

I was roflol about the cutie...poor thing...

misss_e said...

oooo cute fit.

Goober said...

Love the work story - I laughed out loud.

I would very much like to reach into the computer and steal those red shoes from you - LOVE!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! Too funny. I wouldn't last 2 miuntes in that kind of atmosphere. Will there be a series? hehe! Love those pops of red. That scarf is fab!


Sarah said...

You poor thing!!! Sounds like a library without technology. I wouldn't survive a minute!! Maybe you could pass notes? Do you have paper?

But, you look great!!

Tina said...

EvaNadine - Thanks! Scarves really do make great belts.

gina - thanks! Red always makes me feel powerful.

sewingstacy - hehe. We had a good laugh while making the murder scene, esp the "blood." LOL

Sheila - thanks! You can tell we were bored, b/c it was the high point of the day to murder a tiny orange.

vintage13 - seriously! It's like being in kindergarden.

Erin - oh no kidding. You have never seen so much furtive blackberry use in your life!

Kasmira - I was thinking of you when I bought it and it is totally accompanying the gold necklace I'm sending to you.

rskmom - I doubt I'm better than anyone; I just realize that a restrictive job is better than no job at all!

miss_e - thanks!

Heather - Thanks! I've had them for ages and ages and I am going to be sad when they finally die - which I think is coming soon. Maybe we'll have to do a Law & Order: Special Accesories Unit!

Suzzane - yeah, it's rough, but it's a paycheck!

Sarah - haha! We've resorted to the notes thing a time or two, but what? Are we in gradeschool with the passing of notes. Sheesh.

Kristen said...


I am stuck on the computer every minute I am not in meetings (which is a substantial chunk of time).

I think I need to bring a box of cuties into work tomorrow...

Eilsel said...

I love this outfit- perfect combination of colors!!!

Tina said...

Kristin - I highly recommend cuties as a workday distraction. There are many ways to have fun with them...eating them, juggling them, drawing on them so they look like jack-o-laterns.

Eisel - thanks!