Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Full of Poptarts & Bugles

I orginally started this blog as a way for my sister to actually see what I was eating so that she could call me out when I started eating crap. During the past year, she hasn't really taken me to task...until today. She and I were IMing and I mentioned what I had eaten so far (Poptarts and Bugles) and she yelled at me until I agreed to eat some fruit. That was about 15 minutes after someone at work told me I better stop eating or my dress wasn't going to fit. That's what happened to her; she had to eat only fruit and veggies the last week before her wedding just to squeeze herself into her dress. They're both right. I need to lay off the junk and get back on the treadmill. I love good friends who will tell you how it is!

What I Wore While Friendly People Told Me I'm Fat:

2010-03-30 combo

  • dress (NY & Co.)
  • blue sweater (Goodwill)
  • tweed kitten heels (Target)
  • brooch (via Goodwill)
  • blue necklace (charity shop)

What I Ate Before Getting A Stern Talking To:

2010-03-30 food

  • breakfast: poptarts & bugles
  • lunch: WW chicken pot pie, muscat grapes
  • dinner: teryaki chicken, rice, cabbage salad, 1/2 beer


The Patersons said...

I just wanted to say that you have such a great attitude and as you said, you also have great support.

I emphathise with your journey and wish you well as you keep working towards you goal.


EvaNadine said...

its always tough to hear someone put you in check, but thats how you know who your true friends are!

Stacy said...

Way to get back on the horse! That's all that matters. It's okay to fall off and long as you don't stay down. =)

mmmm... Grapes! I love you keep it up!

Sheila said...

Good for your sister and friend! I know it's hard to hear, but in the long run, it's your health.

I try to eat as much whole unprocessed food as possible (and yes, that means a lot of fruits and veggies), but I also have been known to eat a bag of chips in a sitting.

Anyway, you look gorgeous today. :) I love that blue.

Sarah said...

That blue looks great on you!! I like that dress too!

We all need good friends and family to keep us in check!

rskmom said...

I love folks who tell me like it is, even when I don't necessarily want to hear it!

Can you post the WW chicken pot pie recipe, please?


Dr. Da said...

good that you are holding yourself responsible....but seriously, who tells a colleague "you better stop eating or you won't fit in that dress"? How rude!

Nishant said...
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Anonymous said...


What, no Cheese Doodles? ;-(
Seriously, you deserve better than a junk food. And so do I. You know I visit here to read your witty prose (particularly the captions; you write the BEST captions!) and gander at all the good eats! PopTarts and Bugles just don't take me where I want to go - lol!!!!

Good on your sis and friends to set you straight. That's how much they care about you.

That blue jacket is yours! The color is fabulous on you.


mslouise said...

Your blog is such an encouraging place, so I just wanted to take a second to say that the dress looks fab on you!

Tina said...

Michelle - thank you very much!

EvaNadine - exactly! Real friend will tell you how it is!

Stacy - grapes ROK! LOL

Sheila - me too. Generally we eat a lot of whole foods, rather than processed foods. But when I fall off that wagon, I fall off in a big way - chips, snack cakes, everything. Thanks for the support.

Sarah - thanks! Friends like that are a necessity, I agree.

rskmom - You've got it. The recipe is posted.

Dr. Da - I know it sounds rude, but trust me when I say that my coworkers comments were totally appropriate to the conversation that we were having, and were actually very supportive of me rather than rude. I really appreciated what she had to say. But then again, I'm pretty hard to offend.

Jean - I am hanging my head in shame. There has been a complete dirth of good food on my blog lately. I know it. Usually when the food photos disappear it means that I am eating boatloads of crap, but I do also try to "keep it real" b/c no one is perfect all the time and I think it is helpful to see that other people struggle with food choices. That way we know we are not alone when we "do things we shouldn't" Now, having said all that, I will definitely try to get back to the healthy eating style and posting of good food!

mslouise - thanks for commenting! I love hearing from new people. Thank you very much for the kind words!