Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hot Glue is Hot!

I ended up only having to work for a few hours this morning, so I decided to use the free afternoon to tackle some wedding related tasks. I spent hours making this flower puff balls as decorations for our outdoor ceremony. I burned my fingers with the hot glue gun quite a few times, but it was worth it.

What I Wore While Making Wedding Decorations:

2010-03-31 combo

  • paisley skirt (Target)
  • sheer taupe blouse (via Marshalls)
  • green wrap sweater (Target)
  • earrings (gift)
  • brooch (via Goodwill)
  • necklace (via Goodwill)
  • pearl headband (via Target)
  • brown bow flats (via Ross)
  • brown purse (Nine West via Goodwill)


Joanna said...

Good for you! Your puffs came out so good! And green is totally your color.

EvaNadine said...

love those puff balls!
i burned my finger with the hot glue gun a few weeks ago while trying to make a fascinator for my wedding... i absolutely HATE what i made, so i think i will be buying it after all!

Goober said...

Love those puff balls!

I agree with Joanna - green is totally your color!!

Becky said...

Cute flats! Great job on the DIY stuff...I remember when my mom was really into crafts and she hot glued SO much stuff...she suffered a few hot glue gun injuries herself. Useful, but dangerous!

Anonymous said...

Cute (meaning your outfit as well as those puffs!)!

Sheila said...

I have burnt myself on hot glue guns many a time! Ouch!

This is such a nice outfit on you, Tina, you look lovely. Those flats are adorable.

Kari said...

Oh, ouch! But your puff balls look great. How is the wedding planning going?

R said...

These are lovely!!! Would you pleaaase do a step by step post showing us how to do them?

Tina said...

Joanna - thanks! Green is my favorite color, so that's really nice to hear.

EvaNadine - sigh. I really want a fascinator too. I also tried to make one and it look ridiculous. I gave up and borrowed a friend's veil. It's not exactly what I want, but at this stage I like it better than the stress of finding something "perfect". So if you want one, go for it now before it gets too late. :)

Heather - thanks! I love me some green!

Kate - ha! Thanks.

Sheila - Thanks! I was going through my shoe pics, trying to find my close-up of these shoes and I realized I didn't have one...b/c I haven't worn them the entire year of blogging. How is that possible?? They are too cute to rot away in the closet.

Molly - it's really simple to make them. I bought small (3") styrofoam balls, ribbon, and a bunch of fake hydrangas. I poked a hole in the ball, the put some hot glue in the hole, and shoved the ends of the ribbon in the hole. I let that harden. Then I pulled the flowers off the stems and shoved them into the ball. Depending on how the fake flower was made (the green ones were totally different from the yellow ones), I either just stabbed the flower right into the ball, or I poked the ball with a chopstick first. Most of the flowers satyed in place, but a few needed a dab of hot glue (just a little) in the hole before the flower was inserted. voila. Flower balls. I posted a link to a website that shows how to make them in my reply to R below.

Kari - thanks! Honestly, I'm down to the point where I am just ready for the wedding to get going. I don't care anymore if the details aren't done, as long as I am married by the end of the day. Cynical enough? :)

R - I probably won't do a step-by-step post since this blog isn't really about crafting, but I just explained above in my answer to Molly how I made them. But here is a website that shows how to make them I hope that helps!

Molly said...

You're fantastic!! Thank you so much!! I am going to pick up some flowers and try them out:)

Askew To You said...

The flowers are pretty. I love your skirt. :)