Monday, April 26, 2010

Expand Your Wardrobe - Borrow Stuff!

I borrowed this fabulous necklace from Kasmira. Every time she posted a photo wearing it, I wished it was mine. I even went to Newport News to see if they still had it. Sadly, they did not, but now I get to wear it for a little while. Thanks, Kasmira!

What I Wore With Thanks to Kasmira:

2010-04-22 combo

  • black skirt (Newport News)
  • magenta blouse (Target)
  • grey wrap sweater (Target)
  • magenta/grey striped cardi, worn backwards (Target)
  • black heels (Nicole Miller)
  • faux pearl necklace (Newport News, borrowed)
  • faux pearl bracelets (thrifted and gifts)


EvaNadine said...

that skirt looks fabu on you!

Apostolica said...

Thank you for bringing this up! In my teenage years, only about half of the clothing in my possession at any given moment belonged to me and a good portion of my own togs were in rotation in someone else's wardrobe. I think the impetus for doing my own laundry came from the desire to deflect the "Whose shirt is this?" and "You have all kinds of nice clothes, but I only ever see them on other peoples' bodies" comments from my mother.

Why does trading clothes stop when we grow up? I think nothing about borrowing a novel from my work colleague, but I think our other officemates might look at us askance if I showed up wearing her skirt.

Good on you for borrowing Kasmira's necklace. It looks lovely on you, as does your owl brooch on her!

Sarah said...

That is a great idea! As Apostolica said - we don't think to borrow now that we are "grown up" and I guess can buy our own clothes.

Kristen said...

love the colors and drape of this! I would try to steal those pearls from Kasmira if I were you. :)

Kasmira said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm wearing your necklace, again, today.

Tina said...

EvaNadine - thanks!

Apostolica - exactly! We need to continue to raid each others closets, even as adults!

Sarah - very true. But sometimes I don't want my own piece of something. Sometimes it's something that I like, but I know I won't wear enough to justify the expense or the waste of resources. So if I can borrow it once or twice, then I satisfy my urge for that item and don't have it taking up space in my closet or later in the landfill.

Kristin - ha! me too! I would never steal from Kasmira, though. Bad blogger kahrma!

Kasmira - oh good! I am really enjoying this swap!