Monday, April 26, 2010

Springtime in Dallas

Right now the weather in Dallas is perfect. It's beautiful spring weather and I just love being able to put on jeans and a light sweater and neither be hot nor cold. Perfection!!! (esp after the 110 degree weater in Costa Rica)

What I Wore On Casual Friday:

2010-04-23 combo

  • pin-striped jeans (Old Navy)
  • grey pinstriped tie-neck blouse (Target)
  • purple cardi (Target)
  • purple flats (via DSW)
  • purple earrings (??)
  • key (antique)
  • grey bow headband (Target)
What I Ate That Was Not Junk:

2010-04-23 food

  • breakfast: healthy bagel sandwich, fuji apple, water
  • lunch: turkey hotdogs and banana
  • dinner: teryaki chicken, spinach with turkey bacon and feta, roasted cauliflower

next goal: counting points again


AZGypsie said...

Tina, did you love Costa Rica? I want to go so bad I can taste it.

gina said...

Love the pin-striped jeans!

Sarah said...

That necklace is beautiful!! I love the contrast of the delicate little chain with the chunky old rustic key.

AND - those flats are fantastic!

Tina said...

AZGypsie - We did go to Costa Rica! It was a lot of fun. If you decide to go, email me and I can give you the dirt.

gina - thanks! They're my "fancy" jeans. LOL

Sarah - thanks! These were my wedding reject flats.