Monday, April 5, 2010

Let the Swarms Arrive

Spring is officially here in Dallas. How do I know this? Because these things -------> have shown up. Mosquito hawks always freak me out, even though they don't bite or anything. But they look like huge mosquitos and that just makes me squirm. I hate mosquitos b/c they LOVE me. Tina = delish, I guess.

What I Wore While Cringing At Springtime Bugs:

2010-04-05 combo1

  • black slacks (Lane Bryant)
  • striped blouse (via Marshalls)
  • tweed jacket (Target)
  • black flats (Simply Vera via Kohls)
  • aqua purse (via Kohls)
  • brooch (gift)
  • earrings (??)
  • headband (Target)


Anonymous said...

Those are mosquito hawks?! I never knew that! We had a white fench put up 2 yrs ago and I first noticed those last summer. I thought they were huge mosquitos! Good to know they don't bite!

AZGypsie said...

Nice thing about them is they EAT mosquitos!!

LaShaune said...

those damn crane flies just irk me too. although, I have a sick glee to see when they get trapped in my house and die within 10mins (thank you Mr. Exterminator).

love the peacock headband!

Sheila said...

Those are crane flies ( - they don't suck your blood. We get tons of those up here too...and I don't like 'em either! *shudder*

Love the pops of turquoise - especially that hair band. So cute!

Sarah said...

They creep me out too but like having them around to eat those pesky mosquitos. Love the tweed jacket and the headband! I got the earring on Saturday and I can't wait to wear them - thank you!!

Kari said...

Crane flies squick me out too mostly because when I was a kid, we had one summer where our lawn became a cranefly larvae infestation. Seriously, the entire yard was crawling with worms.

I'm glad that spring is here for you, though! We still have a ways to wait.

I love all of the pops of blue in your outfit, especially your pretty bag and peacock-feather headband. Thanks for sharing the close-ups!

Lesa said...

Tina, Love the hairband.I have a small one that I paid an arm and a leg for on etsy and forget to wear it.

Kelly said...

That hairband is so pretty!

Becky said...

Your jacket fits like a dream! Love the turquoise accents, too.

Kasmira said...

Those bugs are too gross. They used to mate on the brick walls of our elementary school. Some kids liked to pick them off the walls and then pluck their wings and legs off. I am forever scarred.

Goober said...

We have those too - I always wondered what they were.

I am in love with your headband!!

Kathryn said...

Uggg. Those things are freaky!
On a completely separate note, I just gave you an award over the!

Brooke said...

Love the pattern mixing and feathers!

Mosquito hawks don't bother me until my cat decides they're playthings. Then everything goes downhill fast.

Anonymous said...

Spring? You've got Spring? Well, THAT's where our season went!!! We weren't tip-toeing through the tulips but for a few days when ....BLAM... summer arrived here, bringing a bounty of humidity.

Fret none about those "hawks," Sugar. They're after YOU because you look so gosh-darn sweet. The brooch on that jacket = lovely, especially the water blue color.

Enjoy the great weather,

BBM said...

u always layer so nicely love! take care of ureself with bugspray! lol!

Tina said...

SewingStacy - yep, they are not mosquitos!

AZGypsie - I wish that was true. I had always been told that mosquito hawks eat mosquitos too, but it turn out that is a myth. Total bummer, huh?

LaShaune - 10 minutes is all it takes for bugs to die in your house? Wow! I need the name of your exterminator!

Sheila - Thanks for the link. I love wikipedia.

Sarah - I'm glad you got the earrings. I can't wait to see them on you.

Kari - an entire yard of crane fly worms? eeeeeewwwww!!!!

Lesa - I go through phases with my headbands. I wear a bunch of them back to back and then I forget about mine too. So you are not alone.

Kelly - Thanks!

Becky - thanks!

Kasmira - Yeah, I hate it when people pull the wings and legs off bugs. Yuck.

Heather - thanks! This peacock headband would look really nice on you too. Your coloring is perfect for it.

Kathryn - thanks so much!!! You are too sweet.

Brooke - my cats are the same way with any bug in the house. They go bonkers!

Jean - thanks! We've been really lucky. So far the weather has been perfect. Normally it would be hot already here too.

BBM - thanks!