Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lucky Style Attempt #1

BBM challenged her readers to join her as she follows Lucky's Month of Outfits. Usually I would have to go out and buy a bunch of new items if I wanted to participate, but when I looked at their April outfits, it looked like I had quite of a few things already in my closet that I could use. So I decided to try out a few of them here and there. I am not doing them on the days on the calendar, though. Mainly b/c I already missed a few that I want to try.

What I Wore That Lucky Says I Should Have Worn on April 1:


Anonymous said...

T, choice move on the red shoes. I'm liking the details on the sleeves of this outfit, along with the skirt's length and neckline -- mission accomplished; style project successful! You did good!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Sheila said...

Super cute! I especially love the skirt and belt!

Kathryn said...

Nicely done. I have the month of outfits pinned up on my wall but I haven't tried any of them out yet.

Askew To You said...

Fun! I love the red accents.

Sarah said...

Very nice! Love it!

BBM said...

TINA!!!! i LOVEEEEEEE it! the pop of red with the brown is brilliant! dont mind me re-posting! ;-) thanks love!

Tina said...

Jean - thanks!

Sheila - thanks!

Kathryn - I have so many outfit inspirations saved too. And then I usually just put someting together myself. But it really is a good feeling to put together one based on an inspiration.

Askew To You - thanks!

Sarah - thanks!

BBM - well thank you for posting the Lucky calendar and asking me to participate.