Wednesday, April 28, 2010

OMG ze cuteness!

Today I stumbled across Zooborns and OMG it is so effing cute. Lots of little baby animals that have been born at zoos. If you are in a grump, this will make you smile. I wasn't in a grump, and it made me squeal like a little girl.

What I Wore While Squealing:

2010-04-27 combo

  • black dress (Gap)
  • sheer purple shirt (via Goodwill)
  • belt (Dots)
  • necklaces (thrifted)
  • earrings (Target, new via Goodwill)
  • zebra heels (hand-me-down)
What I Ate While Missing Rand:

2010-04-27 food

Rand had to work late tonight, so I had an easy dinner in front of the TV. Usually we eat all our meals at the table, so it's a nice treat to eat while watching TV.
  • breakfast: strawberries, healthy bagel sandwich
  • lunch: salad, turkey dogs on high fiber buns, apple slices
  • snack: greek yogurt, orange, SoyJoy
  • dinner: tury pepperoni pizza on high fiber wrap, salad


EvaNadine said...

where are you getting these fabulous "hand me down" shoes??

Work With What You've Got said...

OHHHHH. I love those pumps and belt together. Good mix!

Stacy said...

OMG- Massive Cuteness! That baby zoo website you shared is adorable. Maybe a week of incoporated animal prints is necessary?

Sarah said...

I have those shoes!!! You are making me want to wear them to work, but I don't think they would be very practical - maybe on a minimum day? Did you wear them all day? I think you have a desk job, right?

Tina said...

EvaNadine - I have a good group of friends who know to offer things up before they go to Goodwill. These were actually brought all the way from NY for me when a good friend came down for my wedding. Isn't she awesome?!?!

Erin - thanks!

Stacy - I do love animal prints, but I am not sure if I have enough items to do a whole week. I'll have to look into that, b/c it could be fun!

Sarah - yeah I wouldn't recommend these kinds of shoes to work. I sit all day long. So I hobbled to my desk and took them off. LOL