Monday, May 3, 2010

Attack of the Vodak

I did not - I repeat, I did not - have too much to drink on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I am responsible adult and I wouldn't do any such thing. I certainly would not drink too much on a sunny Sunday afternoon and then not be able to sleep that night. And I most certainly, definitely, no doubt about it, would not drink too much on a sunny Sunday afternoon, not be able to sleep that night, and then be such a blob that I couldn't be bothered to do more than grab the clothes that were closest to me in the closet. Nope. Not me.

What I Wore After Not Drinking:

2010-05-03 combo

  • comfy and low stress dress (Target, new via Goodwill)
  • earrings (super old)
  • necklace already sitting on my dresser (borrowed from Kasmira)
  • heels that hopefully matched (via Nordstroms)
  • lack of other accessories (brought to you by the inability to make decisions due to lack of sleep)

What I Ate While Most Certainly NOT Being Hungover:

  • sausage and cheese McMuffin, hashbrowns (McDonalds)
  • McNuggets, fries, and coke (McDonalds)
  • pizza delivery (Dominoes)

There's nothing like grease, salt and sugar after a day of not drinking too much. Ah....


Amanda said...

I love your style, I have a fashion blog too.

Lesa said...

For NOT being hungover you did a great job!

Kimberly said...

Beautiful dress! As for the McMuffin it is a godsend on "morning afters"!

EvaNadine said...

you most certainly do NOT look fabulous.
err, i mean you DO!
im confused by the opposite day talk!

just kidding, doll -- you look great in the ensemble. not a bad throw for a rough morning!

C said...

I am never even that composed when I am NOT hungover. Good work.

Bethany said...

Wow, your just grabbed outfit is very impressive. I can't do matching shoes and so on after not drinking all Sunday afternoon!

Tina said...

Amanda - thanks! I'll check it out today!

Lesa - ha! thanks!

Kimberly - seriously! I swear that McDonalds is the hangover cureall.

EvaNadine - I am certainly NOT thankfully for your kind words. LOL

C- thanks! Dresses are must when I don't feel like much effort.

Bethany - luckily I have so many shoes that I don't really have to do much effort in matching. I just grab and go!