Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle!

I've mentioned a few times in the past that I used to be a big cyclist. The truth is that I used to be totally addicted, but then I fell in love with a man that hadn't ridden a bike in 20 years. I stopped riding. Even though I wasn't riding during our courtship, I still had bike brain. I picked up this gorgeous vintage Raliegh commuter bike from an estate sale and it's been sitting in the spare room for months. I keep saying I'm going to ride it to work. Well, I finally got my butt into gear and rode my bike to work!

What I Wore While Pedaling Away:

2010-05-04 combo

  • maroon skirt (Lane Bryant)
  • stripped blouse (Target, new via Goodwill)
  • white belt (Target, hand-me-down from a skinny friend who bought it even though she knew she needed a smaller one)
  • flats (Target)
  • starfish necklace (goodwill)
  • earrings (??)
  • white cardigan (Target)
  • brooch (Target)
What I Ate After Working Up an Appetite on my Bike:

2010-05-04 food

  • breakfast: small orange and breakfast bagel sandwich
  • lunch: Hawaiian salad (Greenz)
  • snack: greek yogurt and a pear
  • dinner: vietnamese pork bun (Mai's)

For those of you who might be wondering, I did wear my work clothes for the bike ride. I just pulled a pair of padded spandex bike shorts on under my skirt for modesty and comfort.


Andie said...

Good for you!!!!

and Pork Bun!!! YUM!!! I think we may be having that for dinner myself. :) LOVE it. SUch a great lowfat, flavorful meal, isn't it?

BTW- love your necklace!!!

SCS said...

Love the belt!

R said...

But weren't you all sweaty and messy when you got work? Was it a short ride?

Kasmira said...

You are my bike riding hero! I love that you did it in your work clothes.

Shelley said...

How cute! Both the bike and you - love that you wore your work clothes to ride in!

Brooke said...

I love this outfit! So pretty and spring-y. And it looks adorable on your bike. :) Good for you for riding to work!

Anonymous said...

Very flattering outfit. Perfectly coordinated. Love it. Good for you for biking it! I bet you looked adorable tooling down the road in your work clothes.

gina said...

Beautiful outfit, with all the pinks and the flower. I love love love that you actually wore that outfit while biking to work. So chic.

Goober said...

You look so cute and I love that you were such a stylish biker as you rode to work!

Tina said...
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Tina said...

Andie - thanks! I love bun. I could it tons of it.

SCS - ha! Of course you like it. Thanks for the hand-me-down!

R - It's about 4 miles, and it takes me about 20 minutes to get there. I don't really sweat while riding b/c it's first thing in the morning, and the wind keeps me from sweating. But as soon as I get there adn stop moving, then I start sweating. It's not bad sweaty. It's more like if I took a walk around the block inthe heat. My forhead gets a little shiny around my hairline and my lower back is a little sweaty. Since I am clean (b/c it's first thing in the morning) I don't smell or anything. So I wash my face and wipe off my lower back when I get to work, and then I am fine. On the way home I get sweatier (it's hotter, and it's a harder ride b/c it's slightly uphill and has headwind) and smellier. But during the day it's fine. I won't ride to work when it starts getting hotter. I'll be too gross. If we had a shower here, I would wear workout clothes and shower and change at work, but that's not an option.

Kasmira - you ride your bike everywhere don't you? I seem to remember you talking about taking your bike to the store, etc. I have some panniers for grocery bags, but I don't use them very often. YOU are MY bike riding hero!

Shelley - thanks!

Brooke - thanks for the positive reinforcment. I need to stick with it while the weather is still relatively mild in the mornings.

Anon - thanks! Can I tell you a silly thing? I have two bike helmets, and I selected the one that best matched my outfit for maximum riding cuteness. LOL

gina - thanks! I felt very european!

Heather - thanks! I wish I did it more oftne.