Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Obviously, I'm behind on my posting, but this is what I wore on Cinco de Mayo. Since I live in Texas, you know it's a big deal here. We were house hunting, so we didn't get to partake in the margarita madness.

What I Wore While Considering the Suburbs:

2010-05-05 combo

  • skirt, shortened (via Goodwill)
  • brown faux wrap shirt (George via Walmart)
  • leopard flats (Steven Madden)
  • belt (via thrift)
  • wooden bangle and wooden brooch (via Goodwill)
  • earrings (borrowed)


Lesa said...

pretty earrings!

Shelley said...

That skirt/top/belt(!) combo is perfect on you!

Sarah said...

Love the shoes!!

Londyn said...

You look amazing! The interesting prints on the skirt and the shoes reallly make this outfit pop.

gina said...

Cute skirt. Love the brooch!

Zeus' Mom said...

The shirt is super hot!

Apostolica said...

Very festive! As a well-endowed gal, I'm always fearful of wrap-style tops but you totally make this one work, so maybe I'll give 'em another try!

R said...

One of you best outfits ever! I love how he pattern on the skirt suits the brown top. Adorable!

But... you are hose hunting again??

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! T, love leopard print and I was just admiring Sal's post (Already Pretty), after having read a post from Garance Dore sporting her leopard ballet flats. I said, "okay, good things come in 3's . . . " and was about to set out my own leopard top for tomorrow. Bonus: I visit your post and find the lucky #3. Always a charm :-)

Geek that I am, I love when this happens!

Kristen said...

That skirt is glorious!

C said...

The wooden brooch is so cool, i have never seen something like that before.

Tina said...

Lesa - Thank you. I should probably give them back to the friend I borrowed them from. It's only been 5 years!

Shelley - thanks!

Sarah - thanks!

Londyn - thanks! That means a lot coming from you.

gina - thanks!

Zeus' Mom - Thanks! I always think of it as being so conservative b/c the neck is high. I guess I need to take another look at it.

Apostolica - Really? I have always found wrap shirts to be so flattering to well endowed women. It cinches in the waist but accomates the curves. But I do have to wear a tank underneath usually.

R - We're casually house hunting. We didn't buy the house we thought we were going to buy, so we're still keeping our eyes out for something good.

Jean - Well I hope your wore yours then too!! I love coincidences like that too.

Kristin - thanks! It has a little hunting scene that runs along the bottom that disappeared when I hemmed it. It was delightfully dated. But I think without that part, it really looks more modern.

C - Me either! I was so glad when I found it at Goodwill.