Friday, May 28, 2010

Lane Bryant Blogger Conference Update

OMG!!! It's getting close! In less than a week I will be in Columbus, Ohio for the Lane Bryant Conference!

Kimberly of Fab Finds Under $50 is going to be there too, and we've been doing a little coordinating to swap some accessories. And this made me realize that I totally need to figure out what to wear the the conference. I'm traveling there on Wednesday afternoon, the conference is Thursday, and then I am traveling back to Dallas on Friday morning. Should I wear some Lane Bryant stuff there? Here's what we are doing:
  • Shopping and fittings at Lane Bryant’s Elite Easton Town Center store
  • A behind-the-scenes look at fall & holiday sportswear
  • A roundtable discussion about social media with Lane Bryant’s VP of Marketing
  • Merchant Q&A
  • Photo shoot with outfits selected at Easton store (complete w/hair & makeup!)
  • Dinner & Happy Hour
See? The first thing on the agenda is selecting a complimentary outfit (thanks, LB!!!), so I don't know if I'll need to be fashionable in my own right, or if we'll be putting on our new outfits immediately. So what is your advice? Should I pick out some Lane Bryant clothing to wear the Lane Bryant conference?

Here are some of the things I currently have my eye on. Are jeans too casual for a fashion blogger conference?
As part of my participation in the blogger conference, Lane Bryant is providing me with my travel, accomodation, and a complimentary outfit. Lane Bryant is a store at which I have shopped for years, and I am a happy customer even without any special conference perks.


Madame said...

Neat! I never knew such a conference existed, let alone in my own city, lol. I think you should totally rock some LB pieces, to the conference! Hope you enjoy the experience!

Courtney said...

I don't think jeans are too casual, as long as you fancy them up a bit. Which I'm sure you will, you always look put together and fabulous!
And Easton is awesome, by the way, you will love it!
Loving The Reflection

Tina said...

Madame - it's the very first conference and they've only invited 13 bloggers to attend. I can't wait to see what happens.

Courtney - Thanks for the input and kind words. I can't wait to come to Columbus! I'm off to check out your blog...

Beth said...

EEEK, It's in COlumbus?!? My hometown?!? My fave sushi restaurant is near Easton....

R said...

Tina, why would you wear jeans when you almost nevr wear them? You love skirts, you favor skirts, you've said so. Be your usual self and it will be ok. Work those pumps with skirts the way only you do, girl!

As far as wearing LB... that would be, IMO, a nice deffering gesture to the people sponsoring the conference.

And while you are there ask them what they have against natural fybers, lol. Too much polyester going on.

Have fun!

Tina said...

Beth - I wish I hadn't been so far behind on my comments, I would have loved to ask you about your fave sushi place, b/c I LOVE sushi. Darn it.

R - a very good point. I do wear jeans quite a bit actually. I just don't usually wear them on the weekdays b/c I'm a lawyer, so we have to dress up. And on the weekends in the summer it's too hot. But I do love a good pair of jeans. But that does not negate your very excellent point - it's always best to be yourself. And I took your advice to heart and I wore a skirt to the conference. Thanks!