Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sushi is so deep, Man

We were meeting a friend for dinner, so we decided to check out Deep Sushi since we had a Groupon for it. It was really good! Best sushi I've had in awhile. I do wish that Deep Ellum has some real parking lots so I didn't have to use all my emergency car quarters just park.

I look a little off-kilter in today's photo. I had Rand take the pic right before we ran inside to meet a friend for dinner. So I didn't get the opportunity for retakes. I do find it amusing that I look like I mis-buttoned even though I know I didn't. Surprisingly Rand liked this outfit. I don't think he even noticed the pattern mixing.

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "It's your sailor sweater! You look cute."

What I Wore While Shoving Quarters Into a Meter:

2010-05-25 combo

  • skirt (Walmart)
  • knit top (via Kohls)
  • striped cardi (Target)
  • pumps (Enzo Angiolini via Goodwill)
  • white purse (via swap)
  • necklace (cva Goodwill)
  • bracelet (H&M???)
  • earrings (so old I can't remember)
What I Ate From a Wooden Boat:

  • breakfast: none (I've been bad this week)
  • lunch: sugar snap peas, bagel with cream cheese
  • dinner: edamame, salmon sushi, octopus roll, sake

Birthday celebrations with a friend! This was clearly for the whole table, not just me. I do love sushi, and I am a pig, but even I can't eat that much sushi! I did, however, eat that entire bowl of ginger at the bottom of the picture. I love love love pickled ginger. Super extra mega delish!


Anonymous said...

Great outfit. Love the pattern mixing. Just perfect.


Rhianna said...

I love the colors and the and the pattern mixing! It looks great! One of my favorites of your outfits so far!

Kimberly said...

Love this outfit, T. I am still sad I didn't grab this skirt when it was in stores!

Sheila said...

You look awesome in this, Tina! Great pattern mixing and love that coral colour on you.

Mmmm...I love sushi! I'm the one who eats all the wasabi (and goes "Wooo!" when it's too hot!).

Kristen said...

LOVE the stripes with the skirt pattern. That is some serious pattern mixing, very sophisticated.

Mmmmm, sushi boat. Been a long time since I shared one of those!

Tina said...

Monica - thanks! I really wanted pattern mixing to work, but I wasn't too sure about it.

Rhianna - wow thanks! I felt a little schlumpy all day, so I'm glad I didn't look like that.

Kimberly - That's actually a little ironic that you say that to me, b/c I bought this skirt after seeing you talk about it in one of your posts. I never go to Walmart, but after you showed it, I went in search of it.

Sheila - You are the exact opposite of my. I cannot handle wasabi at all. I make them make my sushi and rolls without it. I'm a wuss.

Kristen - thanks! I think I am going to try to mix patterns with this skirt again in the future. I really like the idea here, but the execution wasn't 100% where I wanted it. So I'll try again.

MissAmy said...

OMG - that's a boatload of sushi! to go with your nautical sweater! love the pattern mixing btw! XOXO, MissAmy

Tina said...

Miss Amy - Did I mention that I LOVE sushi. LOL