Monday, May 24, 2010

That Special Spark

You know how sometimes you're not necessarily doing anything special, but for some reason whatever you're doing just has the special spark? Well Rand and I had one of those evenings. We cooked a nice dinner, had a nice bottle of wine, and then sat down to play some dominos. We spent the whole evening laughing, rocking out to old 80s/90s music, singing and even dancing. (There may have been some robot dance moves while Mr. Roboto was playing.) It was a wonderful evening at home.

What I Wore While Singing Boyz II Men Songs:

2010-05-24 combo

  • grey/magenta dress (via Goodwill)
  • grey bead necklace (via Goodwill)
  • pink belt (via Walmart)
  • magenta heels (Steve Madden)
  • silver cuff (Payless)
What I Ate Before Playing Dominos:

2010-05-24 food

  • breakfast: oops. I skipped it
  • lunch: 2 hotdogs, 1/2 cob of corn, salad
  • dinner: 3 oz steak, 1 small roasted potato, roasted asparagus, 1 glass red wine


Sheila said...

I love nights like that with my husband. We play board games, put on some CDs and crack a bottle of wine. It's nice to know after 13 years that we still like to hang out together. Don't ever lose that!

Melissa said...

That dress looks fabulous on you! And I need to have those shoes. :)

Your evening sounds like a perfect one! So glad that you had such a special, simple time together.

Tina said...

Sheila - congrats on 13 years! I hope to get to that point too.

Melissa - thanks! We did have a lovely evening.