Friday, June 18, 2010

Attack of the Wrinkles

You get to join me at the gas station again today. Isn't that exciting??? Can I just talk about my shorts for a minute? When I get dressed this morning, I was so excited. I felt very chic for casual Friday. I liked the combo of these slightly shiny, dressy shorts, heels, pearls and a great jacket. But by the time I drove from my house to the gas station, I was a wrinkled mess. I mean a majorly wrinkled mess. Not so chic now. In fact, I'm aggrevated enough that I am returning the two pairs of these shorts that I got. I'm not paying $45 for shorts that look like crap after 10 minutes. And I think as a curvy girl who has a hard time keeping my clothes looking sharp, I'm exceptionally sensitive to clothes that are prone to wrinkles. Unacceptable! And so dissapointing b/c I really need some dressy shorts.

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "You look cute. Uh. Nevermind. What's with the wrinkles?"

What I Wore That Was A Pile of Wrinkles:

2010-06-18 combo

  • grey shorts (Lane Bryant)
  • blue tank (via Kohls)
  • jacket (Simply Vera by Vera Wang via Kohls)
  • pearl necklace (borrowed from Kasmira)
  • grey heels (Steve Madden via Ross)
  • sunglasses (Lane Bryant)
  • pearl bracelets (via Goodwill)
What I Ate After My Lunch Date Cancelled:

2010-06-18 food

  • breakfast: alternative bagel, wee brie, blueberries
  • lunch: 1/2 california club on croissant, french onion soup (no bread or cheese), baked lays, orange
  • snack: blueberries, string cheese
  • dinner: veggie and hummus wrap, 1/2 beer


Sabrina said...

That is always my biggest problem with shorts and even most pants in general is that they wrinkle to easily.

But I have to say wrinkle or not, you look amazing in those shorts and the overall look is great!

Case said...

I love this outfit! The shorts, the navy blue, the pearls, the shoes! I love everything about it! You look great!

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

It's too bad those shorts wrinkle so much since the look is so adorable. Good luck finding a new pair.

Shelley said...

That outfit is so cute but yeah, those shorts are a hot mess. Now that you have the ear of LB, maybe they will change the fabric for next season!

Tina said...

Sabrina - thanks! I'm glad that you can see beyond the wrinkles, b/c I really loved this outfit before it got so wrinkled.

Case - thanks!

Kathryn - thanks! I'm on the hunt for new ones, for sure!

Shelley - wouldn't it be nice if I had that much influence? It would be a dream come true.