Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lane Bryant Makeover

I finally have makeover pics from the Lane Bryant Blogger Conference. Yay! Obviously, all the clothes pictured are from Lane Bryant. I adore this necklace and these shoes. In fact, I wore the shoes for 4 days in a row right after I got them.

What I Wore For a Makeover:

2010-06-03 combo 2



Lane Bryant provided my travel and accomodations, as well as a complimentary outfit as part of my participation in this conference. Lane Bryant and T Minus, T Plus (me!!) are committed to complying with FTC regulations regarding disclosure of material connections and endoresements. As I have previously stated, I am a loyal Lane Bryant customer (since the mid 1990s) and my participation in this conference and any comments I make about Lane Bryant are 100% my own thoughts and opinions and are not influenced by Lane Bryant. If you have any comments or questions about this, please leave a comment. I read and reply to all comments.


Christina S. said...


I love the shoes too! The whole outfit looks edgy and chic!

Work it babe! ;)

-Christina <3

anna said...

Fab Fab Fab
you look amazing!!!!
from Anna In Nottingham

THe other Tina said...

Why is it that when I go to LB I can't ever find anything cute yet you always look fabulous? :)

EvaNadine said...

these photos are great! love the blow-out in your hair -- wind machines are amazing...heh

i spy a touch of a tattoo on your ankle, no? curious what it is... care to share?

Shelley said...

Love it - you look so cute - and that belt is awesome!

Stacy said...

You are looking hot tamales!!!! Woot woot!! I am do borrowing those shoes the next time I am down.

Sheila said...

You look amazing (but you know what? you did before!)!

I love, love, love those shoes - I can see why you kept wearing them!

Kimberly said...

zexy!! I know you said this outfit wasn't really you, but you look damn fabulous!

Sherylyn said...

Also LOVE the shoes. And you do look fabulous, but the biggest change it the wind lol....I think it's interesting that the outfit is so much like what I see you in all the time. Clearly you know how to dress yourself well!

Sarah said...

A wind photo - love it!!! You looked great before and after!

Bombshell Beauty said...

For choosing an outfit that you didn't think was really "you" - this outfit is SO you! You look amazing. Am so glad you chose that amazing belt. Can't wait to see what else you wear it with.

Brooke said...

You look really pretty! I love the capris. :)

gina said...

The shoes really are awesome!! Love them! The outfit is great, and your hair looks fabulous.

Kristen said...


(Don't you wish you had a wind tunnel around you all the time? LOL!)

Tina said...

Christina - (great name, BTW) Thanks! I fell in the love with the shoes.

Anna - thanks!!!

The Other Tina - Oh I hate that! Trust me, I have been there when I see people with fab stuff but I go to the store - zilch. Sometimes I think it's just taking a chance on something that doesn't exactly scream "buy me." I find the best things when I am bored and I just try random stuff on.

EvaNadine - It is a tatoo. It's a japanese character that means "passion." Well that's what the dictionary said it meant, but I've had my asian friends tell me that it actually just means "color." LOL

Shelley - honestly, the outfit was built around the belt. :)

Stacy - You would love them b/c they are wide enough to accomodate your bunions!

Sheila - awww thanks! I have such a hard time with strappy sandals that I feel super lucky to have found these that actually fit my Fred Flintstone feet.

Kimberly - thanks. The wind helps with the sexy factor. :)

Sherlyn - They let us pick out our own outifts, which I guess is why is still looks like "me."

Sarah - The wind is your friend. Sexy wind!

Sara - I totally need to bust out that belt soon. It's pretty awesome.

Brooke - thanks! Capris are the only way to go in the summer heat down here - full length jeans might kill me. :)

gina - thanks! It's that sexy wind machine that made my hair look so good. I need someone to follow me around with one.

Kristen - seriously! I want a wind tunnel and some great "soundtrack" music all the time. How cool would I look? LOL