Friday, June 11, 2010

Slugs on a Cat

We've started letting our cat outside again. He came in today with a slug stuck on him. How slow do you have to be to get a slug on you???

What I Wore While A Slug Attacked My Cat:

2010-06-11 combo
  • denim pencil skirt (Target)
  • faux wrap shirt (??? it's really old)
  • earrings (LoveErinDesigns)
  • flats (Steve Madden)
  • necklace (borrowed from Kimberly)


Bombshell Beauty said...

That's a pretty smart slug to hitch a ride on your cat. :) Those earrings are great! Also, the shoes. And...everything else. Yep. It's all good.

Kimberly said...

When I first read your title I thought you were beating up on a cat and I was going to have to report you! The addition of the leopard is the perfect touch!

Kristen said...

OMG my cats never go outdoors, and this reinforces our decision. Yikes, and yuck!

But the real reason I am commenting is that that top on you is KILLER. Just gorgeous.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Blerg. I despise slugs!

However, I love animal print flats and those very cute earrings!

Savonne said...

Those shoes are awesome and I like that top.

Brooke said...

I also dig those shoes (shoes love!).

Slugs on the kitty, not so much.

Tina said...

Sara - thanks! Bonus: it was comfortable!

Kimberly - While I occasionally have the urge to beat my cats, I refrain. Instead give them mean looks for waking me up, etc. They seem unfazed. Might need to move to the beating. ;)

Kristen - Thanks! Worst part of outside cats? They get fleas once a year. sigh.

La Historiadora de Moda - Thanks! They were made by another Dallas fashion blogger - Erin from Work With What You've Got.

Alissa - thanks!

Brooke - Yeah I recommend keeping slugs off your cat. It was hard to get the sucker off.

RubyAlison said...

The cat on the slug thing is hilarious.

Meanwhile, I absolutely adore both the top and the shoes. I wish they were mine.