Friday, June 25, 2010

Twitter & The Tin Man

I have been dying to stop by and take pics with the giant metal sculpture of a man playing a guitar. A shiny metal man. I finally screwed up the courage to do it in the middle of rush hour today. I deserve a medal for my bravery. A shiny metal medal.

Do you twitter? or tweet or whatever the right word is. When I went to the Lane Bryant Conference, I was the only blogger who didn't use twitter. So I finally gave in and set up an account. Give me a shout. Or a tweet, I guess. LOL

What I Wore While Setting Up a Twitter Account:

2010-06-24 combo


Savonne said...

I like it. You can't tell the difference. The shirt looks like it's part of the dress

Shelley said...

What a clever way to layer those pieces! Looks great - very fashion-forward. :)

That is a cool sculpture - glad you got brave and took pictures with it!

Sarah said...

metal medal - love the play on words!! You are brave!!

Cid Style File said...

FUN! love the metal guitar playing dude! Following you on twitter as LBCShopper

Emily Joyce said...

i absolutely LOVE how you layered the tunic and dress! great idea!!

Tina said...

Alissa - I guess it kinda does look like it's all one piece.

Shelley - there is an even better scultpure where the tin dude is walking. He's GIANT. I need to go take a pic with that one soon.

Sarah - LOL I don't know about brave...

Hi, Cid!

Emily - thanks!