Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Air Filters

Sorry I've been MIA for a few days. The new house purchase and the new job combined with a catastophe at the new house has resulted in a complete abandoment of the internet for almost a week. Yikes!

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "That shirt looks like an air filter. You know, like the ones for your house."

What I Wore While Blending In:

2010-07-30 combo

  • white skirt (Avenue)
  • white tank (Old Navy)
  • black/white blouse (Target)
  • orange pumps (via DSW)
  • white bracelet (H&M)
  • orange earrings (gift)
  • orange belt (Target new stock via Goodwill)

So, this is my casual Friday outfit from last week. Pretty much it's what I would have worn on a regular day at my old job and a lot dressier than I would have ever worn on Friday. As I said previously, this new job is at a significantly more conservative firm, so I wanted a fairly conservative look even on Friday.

Ways I tried to be conservative in this outfit:

  • white denim rather than blue*
  • matchy matchy accessories (since matching accessories is more traditional)
  • a collared shirt
  • heels rather than flats

Ways I stayed true to my personal style:

  • bright accessories
  • fun, patterned shirt
* I think it was a good choice considering that the only denim I saw on other women at the firm that day was also white denim. I blended right in.


Emily Kennedy said...

Well done rockin' the work look. I'm shocked you were even able to get this post up with new house and new job things going on. For me, those are the type of situations that cause me to go into a dark hole in my off hours, emerging only to eat and watch dvds.

Sheila said...

This is just awesome! Love all the orange, and the polka dots.

Good luck with the house!

Rhianna said...

I love the color combo!

Melissa said...

Ooooh, you look gorgeous! I adore that pattern and the white skirt! I really like that your pop of color was orange instead of the red that I would expect with a black/white combo.

Barb S said...

Awesome shirt...no, you don't look like a furnace filter! You look great. You really have had your hands full with a new job and moving...good luck!

Lesa said...

Hi Tina,

Check my blog, I just tagged you to answer some interesting questions

Always Summer

Bombshell Beauty said...

Very stylish! I need more dots in my life.

Anonymous said...

I love this color scheme. Very nice.