Friday, July 16, 2010

Ikea Photo Safari

I've mentioned about a billion times that we've been house hunting, and if everything goes smoothly we'll be owners in about 10 days. So I'm sure that you can imagine that I'm starting to get excited. I've started doing lots of decorating in my head. We need a lot of new things, so I headed to the inexpensive home shopping mecca: Ikea! Since I'm not ready to actually buy anything, I just wandered around taking tons of photos. It was a blast, but 3 hours of walking on concrete floors meant I needed to wear some seriously comfortable shoes. Crocs to the rescue. Not my finest fashion statement, but I tried to pull them into the outfit with the black on the scarf.

What I Wore on an Ikea Photo Safari:

2010-07-15 combo

  • cream crochet tank (Old Navy)
  • green dress (Target)
  • black flip flops (Crocs)
  • scarf (gift, from China)
  • orange purse (compliments of CSN Stores)
  • earrings (loan from friend)


Chelsea said...

Tina, you are adorable! Not sure if I've commented yet, but been following you for a few weeks and your style (and the way you blog it) rocks! I love how you've donned that snazzy scarf as a necklace especially :)

I love milling about Ikea collecting design inspiration from their displays!

DanaElayne said...

I love Crocs. I have about 60+ pairs. I wear them every day. So many of the new styles are SO cute.

I have that same dress!

Lola said...

I have that dress in black with white polka dots! So cute and comfy for summer :o) But I love the teal one!

Didi said...

Hey Congrats on the new house! I love furniture shopping. You'll have a blast putting your new place together!

The other Tina said...

Ok, when I read your description and you stated you were wearing Crocs, I thought you were crazy. But when I scrolled down and saw those cute flip flops, I changed my mind. THey are cute. Have you ever worn TOMS shoes? I just ordered a pair--I hear they are extremely comfortable and for every pair you buy, one pair is donated to a child in need!

Lesa said...

Ok, they are not regular the color of your dress and you have just given me a new idea about how to wear a scarf. Thanks!

Ps. Just like other Tina, I swear by Tom's have 3 pair and I love them.

Cody Jo said...

I have this dress too and I love to see the different ways you are wearing it.

Sheila said...

Great outfit - love the punches of colour!

B/C Changeover said...

Ooh, this gives me a good idea for how to wear my green jersey dress...:)

Tina said...

The Other Tina & Lesa - I've never worn any Toms shoes, but I have heard of them.

Brooke/Coco - can't wait to see!