Thursday, July 15, 2010

$10 Shopping Results - Week 2

I tried to mix it up this week by hitting both retail stores and thrift stores in search of ways to spend my $10. First I went to a bunch of thrift stores and not very much caught my eye, until I came across this great looking melon colored skirt - for $1!!! Now, that's a price I can live with. Then I ran into Avenue to return some things. While I was there, I started picking through this bowl of rings they keep on the counter. I fell in love with this spider ring. Rand thought it was hideous, but I am in love. It had to be mine. And the price was perfect. Now, I wondered if I should even count the ring as a purchase, since I paid for it with store credit. But I decided to go ahead and consider it a purchase. So really, this week I returned $25 worth of merchandise and bought $10. I actually "earned" $15 this week. LOL

What I Bought With My $10:

Shopping Restriction Week 2

What Other People Bought With Their $10:

week 2 - Heidi

Heidi picked up two pairs of pants online (she got them in black). Man, this girl can shop! I haven't heard back from her yet about where she is getting such great deals.

week 2 - Sara

Sara went to Old Navy again (a haven for clearance shopping!) and picked upsome spin pins to boot. I want some of those!!

week 2 - melange4d

Melange4D made her own necklace and earrings set for $10 in supplies. Skills!

And we don't have a picture, but Loretta hit the thrift stores and scored a great summer dress and two tops, all for $10. Way to go!

What about you? What did you buy with your $10?


Angela said...

I got a pair of black gladiator style heels at Lane Bryant for $5!! Normally $49.50- they were 50% off and I had a coupon for $20 off a $20 purchase. So awesome! I also got a skirt at Target for $3.74- normally $24.99 and a top for $2.24 normally $29.99.

I think I did really well!

LaShaune said...

Do I have to count items my mother janked me for? If so, I spent $32. If not...I got a white 3-quarter length blazer, electric blue dress with 3-quarter length sleeves (hmmm, pattern) and a red wooden bracelet at the Goodwill, totally $22 because our Goodwill have become trendy and their prices have shot up!

Ok, I'm still over the $10 limit. Dang-it.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried the Spin Pins? Comments or reviews?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried the Spin Pins? Comments or reviews?

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

I have been looking for spin pins in every store near me for about two months. Nobody has them! I wish I wasn't so stubborn to not pay more to ship an item than it actually costs!