Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shockingly Inexpensive Outfit

As I was walking out the door today, I realized that everything I was wearing was really inexpensive. So I started doing the math in my head. If I didn't count my shoes, my entire outfit cost less than $10. It just goes to show that you don't have spend a lot of money to look good. Need more proof? Check out this challenge that Kasmira of What I Wore Today did last year. Lots of people submitted outfits (including shoes!) that cost less than $20. I even did a full week of $20 outfits.

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "That shirt looks like an ocean wave on a cloudy wave." And then over dinner: "I think you missed on the accessories. Your necklace looks handcrafted but then the ring is too modern - a geodesic dome. They don't match. It's all wrong." uh...my gold and plastic necklace looks hand crafted? And it doesn't match? You're crazy. We actually had a debate about this over dinner. LOL

What I Wore That Only Cost $10:

2010-07-06 combo

  • army green skirt (via Value World) $3
  • grey pattern shirt (Daisy Fuentes via Goodwill) $2
  • gold-tone and cream circle necklace (via Goodwill) $0.79
  • gold-tone and cream ring (Avenue) Free w/ Facebook coupon
  • yellow earrings (via Ross) $2-3 - so long ago I don't remember exactly
  • purse (Old Navy)
  • gold heels (Carlos Santana via DSW)


Michelle Cantrell said...

Holy Moley! You rock! When you said $10 restriction, I had no idea you would even attempt to pull together an entire outfit for that! I was thinking maybe a small piece of jewelry or one shirt or something. Amazing!

Kimberly said...

You look awesome! I love the mix of colors you have going on and your thrifting expertise is truly mind-boggling!

P.S. Silly Rand . . .

Kayla said...

That shirt is gorgeous! Great goodwill find!!

Melissa said...

I find it really difficult to believe that outfit was so inexpensive. Kudos for being frugal! You look great and I love your shoes.

Savonne said...

I lovey this. You look so chic, cool, comfortable, and dare I say it, you look sexy.

Great Finds

ThriftyMomma said...

Very classy & sexy!! Love the sleek look on you!!!!!! Rand's wrong!! ha,ha....

Sarah said...

Wow - a $10 outfit? You are amazing!! You look great too!!

BBM said...

i LOVE, LOVE this outfit tina! u are blooming girl!

Len said...

$10 and you look so good!!!! that's why i'm following you blog.

Brooke said...

Posh! That skirt looks great on you.

Tina said...

Michelle - I was on a thrifting mission! And I got very lucky.

Kimberly - I def hit the jackpot.

Kayla - thanks!

Melissa - thanks! The shoes def aren't included in teh $10 total. I think they were probably $30-40 from DSW.

Alissa - thanks! I felt sexy.

Thrifty Mama - thanks!

Sarah - thanks!

Gerry - thanks!

Len - awww. thanks!

Brooke - thanks! I thought so too!