Wednesday, July 7, 2010

$10 Shopping Results - Week 1

What did you do with your week 1 $10? Did you buy one item from a retail store? Or a couple of brand new items at a thrift store? Or did you go hog-wild at multiple thrift stores and come home with a whole bag of gently used items?

What I Spent My $10 On:

Shopping Restriction Week 1

  • green pencil skirt (thrifted via Value World) $3
  • blue/white gingham skirt (Cato Woman via Goodwill) $3
  • 3 brooches (via Goodwill) $0.79 each = $2.37
  • 2 necklaces (via Goodwill) $0.79 each = $1.58
What Everyone Spent Their $10 On:

Kimberly of Fab Finds Under $50 headed to her local Goodwill and scored 3 brand new pieces that Target donated to Goodwill. Some of them are still for sale at full price on Target's website. She went a tiny bit over the $10 restriction, but it's the spirit of the challenge not the exact dollar amount spent that counts!

Sara of Bombshell Beauty headed to Old Navy equipped with a coupon. She scored this great blue dress for $10.49. It's perfect for summer.

Christina of Randomness, a la Mode thrifted two pairs of shoes for $5 each. Those nude flats are going to be so useful all summer long!

What about you? If you want to showcase your purchases, email me pics or send me a message on Facebook.


EvaNadine said...

i often score great pieces at my goodwill (im amazing at finding shoes there!) but i never seem to land the prices that you do!
and im fairly certain that our local target does NOT donate their pieces to goodwill -- i would be in 7th heaven if they did!

Sarah said...

You did great!!

Len said...

you all did awesome! i love those black heels in the last photo... those alone look like they're $100.

Sheila said...

I can't believe what great deals you got, Tina! Our Sally Ann is never that cheap.

Some very thrifty ladies out there!