Monday, August 9, 2010

Random Meetings

I was walking down the hall for a tour of the office on my first day at the new gig, and someone's name plate outside their office caught my eye. And even though I didn't know it at the time, the attorney whose office it was noticed me walk by. One of the readers of this blog is an attorney at my new office. And even more coincidental is that a few months ago she emailed me to discuss how her firm is sartorially conservative. So she definitely knows the challenges that I am facing to keep my personal style, but still dress appropriately. Let me tell you, she is a sharp dresser. Every time I see her, she looks great.

What I Wore While Meeting M:

2010-08-05 combo
  • black slacks (Lane Bryant)
  • black tank (Avenue)
  • black/cream wrap blouse (Lane Bryant)
  • black/gold pumps (Anne Klein via swap)
  • gold bead necklace (JC Penney)
  • gold earrings (hand-me-down)
  • black bead bangle (?? Ross??)
  • black always looks dressier and more conservative
  • I find slacks to be more conservative
  • ponytail rather than loose hair
  • small earings
Tina Style:
  • fun gold bead necklace (that totally dumped beads all over the floor when it broke. boo.)
  • side ponytail rather than standard one
Food 'n Stuff:

M and I went to lunch and ran into some other attorneys from the office, so I got to meet 4 lovely ladies for lunch - where M totally outed me for the blog. Yikes! Nothing like putting that out there in the beginning. :) Anyway, one of the women we met for lunch had on this amazing satin dress with a jacket over it. I was so in awe of how great she looked. I would never have thought to wear a satin dress to a business formal office, but she totally pulled it off. In fact, she could have been in a magazine spread for a "Day to Night" outfit. Absolutely amazing. I wish I knew her well enough to have taken a picture of her. Oh, that lack of knowing people is also why I don't have food pics. I didn't feel right snapping photos of my lunch. Maybe next time.


Lesa said...

What a small world! I don't know how I would feel if I were "outed" with my blog, but you are so much more fashionable than me. That was a great story.

Sheila said...

That's actually kind of cool - maybe you as a group will be able to push the firm's envelope a little more? At least you have an ally!

Bummer about the necklace - it's awesome!

Bombshell Beauty said...

Yeah for the side pony! You look great - appropriate and completely like yourself.

A few of my co-workers/direct reports read my blog. It makes me a little self-concious but...what are you going to do? It's all in fun.

Sarah said...

Wow - what a small world and how funny that you now work with one of your readers!

Melissa said...

How fun to know that you work with someone who reads your blog! Heck, maybe you've inspired some of her outfits. :)

I absolutely love those shoes, they're gorgeous! You look fantastic in this outfit.

Susan said...

you look smashing in this outfit! well done.

strivingbelle said...

This outfit looks really good on you.

Maggie said...

omg where do you live so I can come raid your shoe