Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm a Greenz Girl

I haven't worn this dress in awhile, but it's actually one of my "go-to" pieces. When I have no clue what to wear and I'm short on time, I know that I can grab this dress, put on some shoes and head out the door looking great. There is something about the pattern and style of the dress that just screams "classic" to me. I guess that's why it always make me feel put together, and why it's an easy choice while I am still trying to get the feel of my new office. I'm not the only one who loves this dress. It's a staple in quite a few of our closets. How about you? Do you own this dress?

What I Wore That Fits The Business Causal Bill:

2010-08-03 combo

  • wrap dress (Merona via Target)
  • orange crochet trim tank (Old Navy)
  • cream necklace (via Goodwill)
  • pearl earrings (via JC Penney)
  • orange purse (compliments of CSN Stores)
  • blue/cream buckle pumps (Rainbow)*
* These are my some of my cheapest shoes, and I do mean in both senses of the word cheap. They're a PVC material and sometimes they kill my feet, but I love them!

What I Ate Thanks to a Groupon:

  • breakfast: Cliff Z Bar & apple
  • lunch: tofu & veggie salad (Greenz)
  • dinner: fast food burger & fries

Do y'all know about Groupons? If not, you should check them out. Just go to their website and then you select your city. They post one awesome deal each day where you pay a discounted rate and get a certificate for that thing. For example, I love the restaurant Greenz (uh-may-zing salads) and last week they had a Groupon where I paid $10 and then I got a $25 certificate to the store. Whoo! So I treated my "Greenz Buddy" to a lunch on me. Anyway, I'm not getting anything from Groupon to pimp them out, I just think they have great deals.


CoCo said...

I really like this dress on you, Tina. It's just a great shape, and yeah, it's one of those things you can throw on and look put together.

That said, I cannot wait for it to be winter again, so you can re-wear this:

I was going over old posts of yours, and HELLO, I'd never seen it and I'm now pretty much obsessed with copying it myself.

Kimberly said...

I don't have this dress, but man I wish I did!! I love seeing all the bloggers that have it and how they remix it. You can never go wrong with a wrap dress! Also, ♥ Groupon! I check my city (and others) daily!

Ms Spoonful said...

Oh wow, I want those shoes! L.O.V.E

x Come check out my blog!

Melissa said...

I think part of the draw of that dress is that it looks A-MAZING on you. Seriously, so very flattering.

Also, I want to steal your shoes. Comfort? Who cares.

Emily Kennedy said...

Those shoes are so cute! Bummer they aren't comfy! But seriously, especially with that dress, those shoes just say, "I may dress conservatively, but I've got personality!"

Sheila said...

It's an awesome dress. The shoes are cool - we had wonder twin powers going on today, because I also had painful shoes on!

How are your new work people reacting to your sartorial splendour? Do you still stand out? I would think that you would, since most people dress so boring.

Sarah said...

This dress is fantastic! You always look great in it!

I love Groupons!! I just bought a sunrise hot air balloon ride and breakfast for half price! Never would have bought it if it wasn't on sale and sent right to my inbox but I think it will be fun!

Barb S said...

I love your outfit! Love the shoes but don't know how you can wear heels like that...I work with 90 6th graders everyday and all I do is run after things they need help with so I guess that is why I don't bother with heels!

Goose said...

You should bring that dress out more often - It looks great on you. And those earrings are great. Way to make business casual fun!!

strivingbelle said...

I have that dress I found it at a thrift store a few months ago. It's a great date night dress and comfy too.

ccaldwell said...

Hi Tina,
I'm the owner of Greenz and love that you mention us (and Groupon) in your blog. Thanks for the plug! Oh, and totally love your dress and shoes! You go girl!
Casie C.