Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Coming Together

That new tile that I picked up a few days ago has been installed and the new walls have been painted. I'm starting to think that I might have a kitchen soon. And then you can read about something other than this remodel. I know you are excited about that. Trust me, so am I.

What I Wore While Standing on My New Floor:

2010-09-16 combo

  • green skirt (thrifted)
  • white ruffle shell (Target)
  • grey jacket (Lane Bryant via Goodwill)
  • red belt (Target)
  • black pumps (Nicole Miller)
  • aligator bracelet (gift from Kimberly)
  • green earrings (Sam Moon?)


Sheila said...

I have been reading about all your renovations and remember how hellish it is to live in it. Hang in there, Tina!

You look great today - love the olive and red accents.

Lesa said...

Love the floor and you alligator bracelet!

Shelley said...

I've seen a Sam Moon store on our way to Denton but never knew what they carried...earrings! Humph, I'll never get my husband to stop there - maybe I'll trick him and say it's a tool store, lol.

Love your pumps - and the floor they're standing on!

Tina said...

Sheila - thanks, I am trying to hang in there. But honestly, I am down to the point of trying to figure out which incomplete projects we can just forget about. So far, I can't think of any. :(

Lesa - thanks!

Shelley - I know that you mentioned the Texas heat the other day, but for some reason I did not think that you lived in Texas. I was thinking that you just visited. Now I'm going to have to email you to find out if you live anywhere near me. Sam Moon is a giant builing full of jewelry (cheap stuff and also real silver), knock-off handbags, and acecssories. It's a nightmare of craziness on the weekends and I only brave the place about once every two years or so. If you do decide to stop in, aim for a weekday.

Didi said...

I love the outfit posts, but also love to hear how the renovations are going. I hope you post pics of the finished project!

You've looked great for the whole project-the capsule wardrobe has worked well for you, but I am sure you will be very relieved to be completely settled and re-organized into your new closet.

Tina said...

Didi - I will try to post some post renovation photos when it is all done. I am not sure how many before pics I took though.

Thanks! And you are right, I can't wait for my full wardrobe and closet.