Monday, December 20, 2010

Shoe Conundrum

I grabbed this dress off the Target sale rack and couldn't wait to wear it. I love the colors. Sadly, it's a bit short, but with the tights it wasn't too bad. And I just grabbed my sweater from yesterday to complete the look. I had a bit of shoe dilemma - more on that below.

What I Wore While Being Unsure of My Shoes:

2010-12-06 combo
  • dress (Target)
  • grey striped tights (Lane Bryant)
  • green T (Lane Bryant)
  • sweater (Theory via Marshalls)
  • necklace & earrings (Rainbow)
  • green suede pumps (Two Lips)
  • brooch (St. Vincent de Paul Thrift)
So here was my shoe issue. I started out with the grey suede flats but after I took my pictures I thought it looked a little jeuvenile in the playback. So I swaped out for these pumps. But once I saw the pics full size on my computer, I think I should have stuck with the flats. What do you think?

2010-12-06 shoes change
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Brenda said...

I think the pumps were the way to go. I think the flats accent the shortness of the skirt, and are similar enough to the color of the tights that they take away from the outfit.

Cute dress!

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

I think they're both cute, but I prefer the flats because they don't have the ankle strap. If the heels were not strap pumps that would be best.


Definitely the pumps. They pick up and accentuate the green in the dress. They also lengthen your legs. And the color pops--very nice contrast to the blue and gray.

Lola said...

Tina, you always look fabulous! Of the two pairs of shoes, I think you made the right choice with the green ones, but honestly I think both are too similar in color to the tights. Maybe black or some totally incongruous bright color would have worked better?

Delane said...

Honestly I would have gone for a different shoe all together and darker tights.

The gray almost look white and I hate white hose.

I think darker tight with dark shoe in the same tone would have been the way to go.


Anonymous said...

maybe boots would have been better? cute dress.

LaShaune said...

Super cute dress. Maybe navy tights and and either shoe? I'm so partial to pumps, however, so I choose the green.

Kasmira said...

I like the pumps! Such a lovely color and texture.

Kelly said...

I much prefer the pumps, myself. I think you made the right call.

Anonymous said...

The pumps are better, boots would have been fabulous. Maybe it's the picture but I agree with previous commenters, darker tights would be better with this.

Jessica said...

Agreeing with the above ladies, I think darker tights and a pump without an ankle strap would give you the longest leg. Cute dress though!

Kristen said...

I like the heels better than the flats, but the ankle strap seems a little tight. Was it hurting at all? It's really hard to find the right show with light hose like that -- you did very well!

Maria said...

The pumps get my vote, althought the flats are cute too. As a previous poster recommended, maybe navy tights? Love the dress! I also love the b and w dress in the other post. Can you just crop the too-tight sleeves if they are not tight all the way to the top?

Savonne said...

Man T, YOU ARE SO STYLISH. I love that dress.