Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tight Sleeves

This is another dress I grabbed off the sale rack at Target. I probably don't need another black and white dress, but I really liked that this one was long sleeved. Sadly, the sleeves are really tight, so it won't be staying in my closet.

What I Wore That Was Tight At the Wrists:

2010-12-07 combo

  • black/white dress (Target)
  • mustard cardi (Target)
  • patterned tights (Target)
  • black heels (Nicole Miller)
  • black belt (Target)
  • black/silver necklace (Monet via Goodwill)

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Camille said...

I *love* that dress---how long ago did you snag it at Target? It is fab, especially with that cardigan. :)

Tina said...

Camille - I got it about 2 weeks ago on the sale rack. FYI - it's a maternity wrap dress, so I just pinned the wrap where I wanted it so the front didn't hang lower. Good luck!

Sarah said...

I LOVE this dress too!! Maybe you can shorten the sleeves to make it 3/4 or short sleeved if just the wrists are tight?

Classroom Chic

brittneynikkole said...

I'm keen to the idea of pairing a bright color with black and white but this is one of the few times I've seen a couple of bright colors done with the combo. I really like how it turned out!