Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OSS: Old Navy

Old Navy is actually a go-to store for our house, b/c they carry plus size women's clothes and tall men's clothes. (Have I ever mentioned that Rand is almost 6'6" tall? It's so hard to find things that are long enough in the arms for him.) We were placing a big order of dress shirt, slacks, etc for Rand and I tacked a couple of items on for me.

I'm thinking there is a chance that this sweater will look good with the skirt I bought earlier this week when I decided to copy Kimberly.

Once again, I used eBates to get a cash refund on my purchase and I searched for a discount code. This time I found a code that gave me free shipping. You never know what you're gonna find, so I highly recommend the combo of eBates and code searching with every online purchase.

Since I've been mentioning eBates a lot lately, I thought it was worth mentioning that I am not affiliated with eBates nor have I received any compensation from them for talking about them. I just like the check I get every few months for just doing my normal purchases and I always kick myself when I forget to go to the eBates website when I'm shopping online. Check it out. They're pretty cool.

This is my actual purchase, paid for by me and is in no way affiliated with Old Navy.


shealennon said...

I love your ON picks! I have the striped tee in blue and I wear it constantly! And you're the second person who has recommended e-bates--I really need to try that out!

Shelley said...

I love that sweater!