Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sweater Stripe-apolooza

Sometimes things actually happen on Twitter. A couple of weeks ago, tweets started popping up about the new Lane Bryant coupons and flyers in the mail. On the flyer were some great striped sweaters. A bunch of us decided right then and there on Twitter that we were going to head to Lane Bryant to buy some striped sweaters and wouldn't it be fun to see how we all styled them.

Participating are:

Kimberly from Fab Finds Under $50

* uh. How am I supposed to stack up next to a real model? It's a good thing I know her and know how unbelievably sweet she is. Otherwise I might have to hate her. :)

Let the Stripe-apolooza Begin:

I love how everyone's different style shines through. I've got on sweet pink ruffles while Kimberly has the same sweater on with a black leather skirt. Sara sported a shiny blue dress while Maddy opted for a classic black slacks look. It just goes to show you that personal style can take any piece of clothing and make it truly reflect the person wearing it.

As I like to say: I wear the clothes; the clothes don't wear me.

I hope you enjoyed our striped sweater mash-up. If you want the opportunity to join in the next time we have a spur of the moment style challenge, be sure to follow me on Twitter.

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