Thursday, January 27, 2011

Interpretive Dressing

You have already seen this outfit, if you've read my earlier post about our Striped Sweater Style-Off, so here are the deets.

First, let me explain how I feel about this outfit. In a word, amazing. But that's not what I am getting at. As soon as I got dressed and looked at myself in the mirror, I had one thought "This is Valentines Day." huh? No, I am not going to wear this on Valentines Day. It's just that if there was interpretive dress the way there is interpretive dance, then this would be my "performance" for Valentines Day. Confused?

This outfit perfectly summarizes the way I think Valentines Day should be. It's a little romatic (with the soft pink ruffles); it's a little traditional (with the pearls); it's a little sexy (I'm wearing fishnets); and you've got to shake it up and make not super girly or the men feel left out (the bold and masculine addition of the striped sweater). Now do you get me?

What I Wore To Interpret Valentines Day:

2011-01-25 combo
  • pink skirt (handmade and thrifted)
  • pink ruffle top (Target)
  • asymetrical zipper sweater (Lane Bryant)
  • nude fishnets (Target)
  • blue heels (Rainbow)
  • necklace* (bridal gift, Etsy)

* This is my wedding necklace. I really like that I am getting to wear my wedding jewelry and my wedding shoes.

Rand Bonus:

When I got home from work, I saw Rand for the first time. He was also wearing a blue/blue sweater with almost the exact same shades of blue as my striped sweater. So of course we had to do synchronized outfit poses. You can't tell b/c I'm in the way, but he's got his hand on his hip too. Gah, I love you, Rand! You are all sorts of awesome.

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