Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Executing a Plan

I keep a folder of "Wardrobe" photos on my computer. Mostly it's close-ups of all my aaccessories to make blogging a little faster, but recently I started adding the online photos of clothing as I buy it. I was flipping through pics of my recent purchases from Kmart, Sears, and Lane Bryant and I put together an outfit in my head.

Here Was the Plan in My Head:

2011-02-08 plan

What I Wore In Reality:

2011-02-08 combo

* OMG when I searched for the link for this cardi, I saw it is now on sale for $7.
** I need to take these slack into the tailor. They are drooping a bit b/c they relaxed out a little, so I'll have the waist taken in to return them to high waist territory and I need to have them hemmed.

What I Ate that Was Mostly Red and Yellow:

2011-02-08 foog

Since I get asked about this occassionally... I provide the links in this post so that if you like an item and it is still for sale, you can buy it. I am not compensated in any way by the companies I link to. Happy Shopping!

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