Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Too Many Layers

I'm sure you can tell from the snow - I took this photo last week. I have on so many layers. This was the first time I had ever doubled up on tights. I liked it in theory, but of course the Texas weather decided to swing up 30 degrees during the day, so I got unbearabley hot. By the time I left work, the black shirt, my full slip, and both tights were in my purse. Glad I had a big purse that day.

What I Wore In the Morning, But Not In the Afternoon:

2011-02-10 combo
  • pattern skirt (via Goodwill)
  • black blouse (Old Navy)
  • cashmere sweater (Old Navy)
  • red belt (Target)
  • black tights (Target & Lane Bryant)
  • suede wedges (the name is gone, but I think they are BCBGirls)
  • necklace (Target, new via Goodwill)
What I Ate That Made Me Smelly For Days:

2011-02-10 food
  • breaskfast: healthy bacon McMuffin sandwich, cuties
  • lunch: salmon salad & pesto broth soup with fruit cup
  • snack: cheese, cuties, Balance bar
  • dinner: spinach cheese totelini with roasted garlic, brocolli & onions
I LOVE garlic, but I wouldn't normally eat 10 cloves of it. Rand and I agreed to still love each other even though we would both smell like garlic for days. LOL

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