Friday, February 11, 2011

Insomniac Tina

I am prone to horrible insomnia. Sometimes this means I can't fall asleep and other times I can stay alseep. Last night I couldn't stay asleep. See the vast blackness behind me in my photos today? Yeah, that's the sky out my windows at work. Total blackness. I got into the office around 5:15am. And I was totally busted taking my photo in the lobby by the janitorial staff.

What I Wore Too Early In the Morning:

2011-01-24 combo
  • dress (Lane Bryant)
  • maroon T (Old Navy)
  • maroon tights (Hanes)
  • boots (Avenue)
  • necklace (??)
  • earrings (thrifted)
What I Ate To Try To Stay Awake All Day:

2011-01-24 food
  • breakfast: homemade french toast casserole, coffee
  • lunch: low calorie salad & soup combo with fruit (Greenz)
  • snack: potato chips & cheese stick
  • dinner: jambalaya, roasted brussell sprouts

What I is This Thing You Call "Exercise?":

I'm still struggling to get any exercise in at all. My building is helping me out though since they have closed on side of the building, forcing me to walk 1/2 mile in the morning and again at night to get between my parking garage and my office. It's better than nothing, but I need to step it up!

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