Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Ice Returns

Ah the return of the snow and the return of Squinty McGee. It was so cold out that I only took one round of photos (my camera does 3 at a time) and ran back inside. This was the best of the bunch. I suggest that you pretend I'm giving you a saucy wink. Does that work for you? No? oh well, I tried.

Since the office was closed again, I took the time to record some more videos. And this time I actually got dressed in real clothes. Amazing. You saw how I looked during the last snow day at home. But this time I kept on the dress Sara sent me in the mail.

What I Wore While Recording Lots of Videos:

2011-02-09 combo
  • satin dress (INES via Shop Translated)
  • blue sweater (via Kohls)
  • sweater tights (??)
  • purple flats (via DSW)
  • brooch (inherited from Gma)
  • necklace (new fvia Goodwill)
  • headband (Target?)

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