Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day

My office was closed today for President's Day. However, I still needed to be there and so did all the other attorneys working on my case. I didn't mind. It's a lot easier to get stuff done when the office is empty.

This is one of the things I got in my package from Sara. Sara told me that the necklace is a vintage piece of her mom's. I wanted to really showcase it, so I stuck with a very simple, all black outfit. It's a good thing I've finally started getting some exercise again b/c clearly this shirt is too tight.

What I Wore While The Office Was Deserted:

2011-02-18 combo

*I did a video review of my purchse of these booties.

** I came home from work and realized that I was wearing two differnt earrings. I had been trying to decide between the two. I guess I forgot and walked out of the house like that. I didn't even know until I was getting undressed at night. I'm a genius.

What I Ate In Honor of the Presidents:

2011-02-18 food

  • breakfast: healthy homemade bacon McMuffin, cuties, coffee w/ creamer
  • lunch: Progresso lite soup, orange, sugar snap peas, turkey sandwich, cheese stick*
  • snack: fuji apple, Balance bar, carrot
  • dinner: snow peas & peppers, lemon pepper chicken, brown rice

* I bought the WW brand cheese sticks the last time I went to the store b/c they were only 1 point instead of 2. They taste like rubber, bland rubber. I won't get them again.


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