Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Wear: Road Warrior

Last week, I was on Twitter bemoaning my need for some motivation to get moving again. It turned out that I wasn't the only one. Jen from Smile Pretty and Kick Some Ass, Austin Slave to Fashion, and Lisa from My Journey To a Better Me all tweeted that they were in the same boat. So, I challenged all of us to do something - anything - to get us moving and to report back the next day. An you know what? We all did. And we all agreed to do it again over the weekend. Mini Motivation Challenge!

For my weekend movement, I rode my bike to lunch both Sat and Sun, and I met a friend to go walking on Sat (followed by a pedicure, of course). I forgot how much I loved to get my body moving. Fingers crossed that it's the start of more things to come.

What I Wore Riding My Bike to The Monk:


Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "You look like Audrey Hepburn. You know, a beatnik." To be fair, I did not have the purple dress on at the time, so I did look like her in Funny Face. But I didn't think the people at the bar would appreciate it if I wore leggings as pants (only at home, please). So I threw this dress on over it. Not nearly as cute, but much more appropriate for public.

What I Did Before Rewarding Myself With a Pedicure:

2011-02-19 exercise


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